VIMworld Early Access Starts on August 21, 2020!

Aug 18, 2020 · 6 min read

At 8Hours Foundation, our mission and vision is to rekindle social bonds between friends and family with 8 hours of play per week. Using blockchain technology, our platform of collectibles and games will be placing social interaction at the forefront.

We’re excited to announce that VIMworld Early Access is officially launching on August 21, 2020!

VIMworld — Where Collectibles Come to Life

VIMworld will be the only place to interact with our Smart NFTs, known as VIMs. NFTs are unique, blockchain-based tokens that represent and prove the ownership of an object or collectible.

Using innovative NFC/RFID technologies, we have made it possible to attach VIMs to physical objects such as toys, cards, game pieces, figurines, and more.

This means that aside from being used in purely for gameplay purposes, VIMs can also function as an authentication and ownership system for real-life objects, and they will be represented in VIMworld!

All of your VIMs’ experience and journey will be recorded on the VeChainThor blockchain, making each of them unique and valuable. From gameplay data, its history of being won during a raffle, being part of a limited edition toy line, to being given as a gift to your child on their birthday… all of these make up the digital soul of your collectible.

VIMworld Launches To An Already Successful Ecosystem & Community

VIMworld will allow these community members to interact with their collectibles directly, creating new values and experiences. Existing collectibles held by our community are already valued at over $600 each for a large amount of VIMs (approximately 800 and counting).

Given that the ecosystem is already established and successful with more VIMs being planned to be released, VIMworld is on its way to becoming the most adopted and collected digital collectibles platform, overtaking CryptoKitties’ success in 2017. The success of VIMworld as development continues will truly be unprecedented in the digital collectibles industry.

VIMworld Early Access Opens Its Doors on August 21, 2020

That is why you will find a variety of features at launch, all of which are core experiences and functionalities of VIMworld.

Here’s a list of features that will be available to everybody during the launch:

  1. Viewing your VIMs

Get ready to meet your VIM up close and personal! You’ll get to know your VIMs’ name, artwork, a simple character background, and lore. Aside from personal details, you will be able to examine their statistics such as their Tier Levels and more.

2. Feeding your VIMs

In VIMworld, your characters are represented by Tiers. Different Tiers offer different benefits, with the S-Tier being the highest and most exclusive of them all. Feed your VIMs all the way to S-Tier using EHrT tokens to reap the most benefits and get ready to receive VIMpool rewards shortly after release!

3. Viewing Treasures

In Early Access, Treasures support is built-in. These Treasures are non-transferable but when consumed, will modify and grant exclusive bonuses depending on their type. Find out more when you get them!

4. Manage your VIMs through the VIMventory

We’re big fans of collectibles and the collecting aspect of it. The place where you manage your VIMs will be called the VIMventory. In here, you can view all your VIMs at a glance, and transfer your VIMs to other wallets if you would like to.

5. Obtaining new VIMs using VIMdispenser
VIMworld is a collectible platform, and we wouldn’t launch without a way for you to obtain new VIMs! Use our innovative VIMdispenser which lets you window shop for VIMs before you purchase them. A warning though… you better decide quickly or you’ll lose out to others standing right next to you!

6. Manage your EHrT, VET, VTHO tokens

Aside from your VIMs acting as a wallet when you feed them your EHrTs, VIMworld will come with a Digital Asset manager. As long as you access VIMworld using the VeChain Mobile Wallet, Sync, or Comet wallet, you can manage your EHrT, VET, VTHO tokens. Easily store, send, and receive your tokens without leaving VIMworld!

What Experiences Can I Expect From VIMworld Early Access?

The VIMworld Early Access platform will be frequently updated with new features. The rollout of new interactive features is designed to maximize the user experience, and we have lots of fun things in the pipeline.

An important part of our features rollout is the expansion of the VIM collectibles and also creating more utility for EHrT tokens. For example, we’re planning to roll out VIMpool shortly after release to incentivize our users. VIMpool is a special rewards pool that S Tier VIMs will automatically receive a share of all fees that are collected within the VIMworld platform.

Beta Testers Advantage — Explore VIMworld Before Public Launch on August 21, 2020

Every Beta Tester that signed up previously will be receiving an email invitation shortly. You’ll find the link to VIMworld and start interacting with your VIMs!

Live Community AMA with CEO John Dempsey

With all the excitement in the air, our CEO John Dempsey will be dropping by the official 8Hours and VIMworld Telegram channel for a live AMA session!

Be sure to ask all your burning questions about VIMworld on Wednesday, August 19, 16:00 UTC at our Telegram channel. Don’t miss this opportunity!

VIMworld Early Access — A Small Glimpse of What’s to Come

As we speak, we’re already working with top tier partners and IP owners alongside heavy juggernauts in our advisory board in the gaming and collectible industries to bring beloved franchises and characters into the VIMworld ecosystem.

What makes VIMs so unique is that they double as digitization and anti-counterfeiting solution for our partners. In our whitepaper, we described the issue of toy and collectible counterfeiting causing billion-dollar losses, and with VIMs and blockchain technology, we can deliver a solution that solves the business needs for our partners.

As a result, gaming, NFT lovers, EHrT and VIMworld users can look forward to huge partnership announcements that are unprecedented in the NFT gaming industry, bringing blockchain technology to the mainstream.

We are truly honored to have you on-board for our Early Access. We hope to see you there!

About VIMworld.

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play help each other thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will provide an unquestionable system of authentication and allow their owners to both store and build value through play and meaningful connections to others.

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. For more information about VIMworld, please follow our social media channels:

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.

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