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VIMworld’s native token, $VEED, to be listed on SafeSwap!

The VIMworld and Safe Haven teams are proud to announce that VIMworld’s native token, VEED, will be listed on SafeSwap! This means users will have the ability to swap VEED from VeChainThor to the Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain blockchains very soon.

SafeSwap, Safe Haven’s decentralized ‘Atomic Swap’ platform, went live on May 6th 2022. Following multiple months of smart contract and platform testing, SafeSwap’s technologies demonstrated their reliability and security following an in-depth code audit by Safe Haven’s cybersecurity partner, Red4Sec. Since launch, SafeSwap has processed hundreds of cross-chain transfers on behalf of its users to other leading blockchain networks.

A major advantage of an ‘Atomic Swap’ facility like SafeSwap is that tokens are not held in a bridge that may be open to exploitation. Funds are transferred near-instantly from the user’s wallet on one chain to their wallet on the other.

You can read more about how SafeSwap functions here:

and here:

One of the major benefits of VEED becoming a multi-chain asset is that it will now be possible for anyone to create pairs on DEXes such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Quickswap, making it easier than ever to buy VEED and soft-locking tokens in liquidity pools. This also opens the possibilities for yield farming and other staking-related activities as our platform functions and demand for VEED become cross-chain.

Access SafeSwap now at

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VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld can be accessed through using a VeChain-enabled browser such as the VeChain Sync browser or Google Chrome + Comet Extension. It is also accessible on mobile devices through the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android.For more information about VIMworld, please follow our social media channels:

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.