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Lessons from a 36-year-old child

I know the heading sounds absurd, but I do regard myself as a child who is continuously learning- because Life when looked through the eyes of a child, will look completely different in comparison with a frustrated Adult who never can find the meaning of his life.

In reality, I am this frustrated adult-like many wanting to live a life full of joy and happiness when the ball that Life threw on my face was filled with deep shit. I learned that sometimes “SHIT HAPPENS” and you can never do anything about that.

One of the eye-opening things I learned was; other than Traffic Jams there were many which I could not control even though I believed that I can and I still could, but the truth has only one face, and it was terrifying!

The lessons that life thought were many, but few stayed deep in my heart and the more I failed to learn, The size of the ball grew more prominent and more massive with more shit on it.

Every action there need have an equal and opposite reaction:

Newton’s Third Law may be suitable for Physics but in Life sometimes its better to forego the third Law.

To every action in your life, there should not be an equal and opposite reaction.

If your kid yells at you, do you think equal and opposite reaction always works? Some times it works, but many times you are the one who would feel depressed and be sorry for the actions that you did. A three-year kid can yell and make your life miserable, but if you want to follow the same footsteps, then you should take parenting lessons immediately.

In relationships, the best advice would be to give and take. But if you really love the Newton's third Law then its time you understood that there will be endless problems so be prepared to sail in the sinking ship called “Your family.”

Some times acceptance can be the best medicine. We are only thought to react not respond; If responding to the situation is something you prefer, then accepting the situation and not reacting will solve many of your troubles.

Its time you choose to react or respond.

The expectation is the mother of frustration:

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” ~ William Shakespeare

The world around ; the family; our career and our Own self has set up very high expectations for us and if not met, can make us depressed and UNhappy.

Too often we never review the expectations set by others, and if we run to meet every single expectation then happiness will ride away from us than the fastest Racecar, but if there is an introspection on our expectations and if we can adequately determine what we can and what we can expect- then Life will become easier.

It is really impossible to satisfy the expectation of everyone around us. I learned that I had messed up my Life running to meet others expectations, I always believed my parent’s expectation was the same as mine when, in turn, the roads were quite the opposite.

Go change the world; Follow your Passion; You should be phenomenal; you should be a doctor; You should be an Engineer

Are all these your expectations or the expectations of the world surrounding you?

Take time to review. Then Sincerely decide to want you really want. If you would have travelled 500 miles to meet somebody’s expectation, then driving back will inevitably take time.

Alcohol was never the real Devil:

Welcome to the mother of all truths!

From a long time ago, alcohol was despised by many as the instigator for many of the crimes committed. At times even the guilty will try to prove that they had done this lousy deed under the influence of alcohol, and without the dirty substance, they would never have hurt anyone in their Life.

Even families were shattered under the name of this dirty substance. Yet I believed this to be accurate, then I understood the real truth.

Alcohol was just the catalyst to bring the dark Devil within oneself. Alcohol could never be blamed for the Devil which you really are.

If one can really reform his inside -alcohol would never work on him. After drinking, I just fell asleep, or the next day there would be a headache.!

What goes inside the body come outside the body but what comes out from the mouth comes from Within.

If treasure has two legs it would be your friend:

No amount of money can replace one good friend, and if you have had someone who can listen to all your sad stories and wipe out all your tears after a couple of beers have gone inside both, then you should be grateful and celebrate, cause you are the owner of the greatest treasure which many lonely wealthy millionaires secretly dream of acquiring.

But real friendships can never be bought- It has to be earned. In the name of success and freedom if you had forgotten your true friend who has stood by you in the test of times, now its time to stop scrolling your Facebook feed and hook up with him.

Nerves of Steel are not born instead forged in the furnace of Adversity:

All want to be mountain climbers and enjoy the view of success, but only a few can understand that the journey is very tough and would break them. They have to learn to bandage their wounds and still should be willing to get hurt.

In this world of instant gratification, 10000-hour rule is lost. The entire stories now are to get rich faster; How to be a millionaire in a year; How I became somebody — — .

If you want to be reliable, it is advisable never to listen to any of these philosophies and keep getting hit and to keep moving forward.

This was the rule followed by generations and even with the advent of technology- The Law is you have to get hit if you want to box and win.

Life is more of boxing than dancing; If you only want to hear lalalala! Ding ding ding! Rather than wham!dishoom!or splat! Be prepared to feel a lot.

Success stories are only half right:

We all love success stories and want to be like the successor or the successful. Little do we know that not everything you read is correct. If you read some story about a CEO who worked for 14 hours every day till he became one, do you really know how many legs he could have pulled down to reach that spot? I don’t think any biography speaks about that.

The rotten pieces of stuff are always unpleasant to read and to know. Our minds only look for things we love to hear. We want entertainment and not harsh truths.

Everyone’s life and their circumstances are different. Two brothers from the same parent will have an unusual story.

The story of the failure will make you think.

Go and meet failures, listen to them with both your heart and ears wide open.

It is easy to overestimate ourselves and to underestimate others. All that you hear may not be true.No one loves to listen to the sad truth, but if you really want to know what is Life then its time you looked.

When it comes to money, Everyone changes!

This is the hardest truth I learned in a hard way. We believe everyone to love us and care about us; Stupidly we think the closest ones will give their life for us, but when you have nothing can you find out who stays with you.

The most dreaded sentence- “I need some money, can you help” will make you see many running away from you as if your mouth has a foul breath or the smell of your sweat has travelled kilometres, it still is the truth which some will understand when their desires are not met.

Its time to be self-reliant and listen to your heart, you are alone and will be abandoned. Work harder to support yourself for when in need, if you are lucky there will be somebody and the most crucial thing- Banks will never be your friend as advertised and marketed!.

Betrayal is a part of Life:

I have never found anyone in my 36 years who was never ever betrayed. It is the truth,

Betrayal and deception started down from your childhood. How many times you were promised candy only if you stop crying and how many times you got one?

Only the weight of the candy and the colour changed as you grew up(I meant the candy to be false love; false promises; erroneous payments; fake commitment etc.)

As a child, it was chocolate, but as an adult, the chocolate just became sweeter and more pricey.

When you think of betrayal and falling into some pit of depression just for one moment think-did, you never ever betray anybody in your Life? Even this candy example applies to you!.

To betray and to be betrayed is a part of Life. You just have to move on and on. After one has gone, there will be another betrayer. Its just Life- It will pain still you have to learn to rub those wounds and be ready for another.

Even if you want to be bulletproof -wearing it every day can be irritating. Is it not?

No one is the same as you:

My child never ever behaves like I want him to be. Its the truth but its also the fact I should understand. Even though he is my child he is different from me; then how can I ever expect my wife or my colleagues at work or my boss to think like me.

The moment I understood not everyone is like me, half of my problems had a solution. This difference if understood is your blessing indeed as there will always be more to learn and to enjoy others company.

We need to understand that everyone will have their own dramas to act and if you choose to be their directors and their film producers, then be prepared to direct the most excellent flop movie of all time.

Its time you understood your role and act your part well. That is all you can do in this short life to be happy.

I know I still have a lot to learn, but I am ready!.

Now are you prepared to learn right now or shall I start a new one!

I hope its enough for now!



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