Dr. Who has been around for 52 years and is still going strong!

If you have no idea what a Tardis is, then the words Dr. Who are not going to mean anything for you. This BBC show has been around through many major events in the world at large. The various Dr. Who’s have see World Wars and nations change hands. Dr. Who has worn many faces as well over the years, and had many companions to help him on his adventures.

The first Dr. Who started his journey in 1963. His companion was his granddaughter Susan. Together they battled a celestial toy maker, jogged through Rome, Mongolia and France making sport of the various leaders of those times, kept the Daleks from fulfilling their goal of Galactic domination. At the end of three seasons, this Dr. felt the pull to change, and so he went through his transition. When he was done, the second Dr. Who took over and had a far different personality than the first.

The first Dr. Who pretty much kept his work on earth, but the second explored the stars and battle space pirates and cybermen. This fit with the times because by the time Patrick Troughton took over the role, the world had become space mad. Keeping the content of the show contemporary with the times was something the writers and directors were very good at. This Dr. Who also dealt with being tried by his own people for interfering too much with. The forced him to regenerate into a new iteration of himself. Troughton was Dr. Who for three seasons before John Pertwee took over in 1969.

Each Dr. stayed for a span of years, traveling backwards and forwards through time with their many companions helping them accomplish the mission of protecting Earth and the Galaxy at large. Each Dr. was a meddler in the affairs of men, but always with the intent to help and aid mankind. They fought off attacks, obliteration, and mind controlling attempts by a host of enemies. There have been twelve Dr’s across the time of the show.

Each of the Dr’s have had unique personalities, and have tackled cultural elements contemporary to the time of their roles. One of the reasons why the show has stood as fresh for so many years is due really to two things. The contemporary feel of each Dr as they have crossed major events in the world and dealt with them, is one. The second is that there is a sense of timelessness to the Time Lord. Often taking The Dr. out of this world and into space has renewed the show’s vigor.

Honestly as the world has enjoyed this show, and me as well, I have favorites among the cast of Dr’s. I loved Tom Baker and his quirky personality. Those are some of my favorite seasons of the show. He was The Dr for seven years before passing on the torch to the next one in line through regeneration. Of his companions, my favorite was Sarah Jane Smith. She stowed away on the Tardis while investigating a story and ended up with The Dr from 73–76. I loved her feisty attitude! This companion was so great, they brought her back in 2006 with David Tennant.

The ninth Dr. Christopher Eccleston picked up his torch in 2005. He was the last surviving Time Lord after the Last Great Time War. He was only The Dr for one season because he gave over his form to save his companion Rose. One of my favorite stories with this Dr. was when he took Rose to see the end of the world. He had some attitude issues, but there was just something about him I enjoyed as The Dr. David Tennant picked up the role next. He held the role for five years. I really liked this Dr a lot. Like Tom Baker, this Dr was quite quirky. I really like that kind of character development. One thing about the Dr is that he, in his many iterations, seems to battle the same group of enemies over and over again. I also love that many of the companions come in and out of The Dr’s life over the course of time. It makes for a very special kind of show.

A whole new saga started with the eleventh Dr. This was supposed to be the last regeneration. I knew they would find a good way around that! Why get rid of a great thing?! Matt Smith held this role for three years, and covered a lot of important story ground. For the first time I have ever seen it, The Dr got married! He has had many companions, but never a wife! He also had the opportunity to see his own tombstone, and meet a past him and get to straighten out his own past mistakes. He worked with the tenth Dr to save his home world instead of seeing it destroyed. For his hard work the Time Lords granted him a whole new cycle! Yay, more Dr. Who! This brings us to the current Dr. This Dr is older, had forgotten something as basic as running the Tardis and had to have his companion teach him, and is getting to have some time off to hang out with his wife River Song.

To find a series that has stood true to its story line, and endured is amazing! Its pretty unheard of when it comes to the entertainment industry. Through its many ups and downs, and Dr’s and companions and enemies, not to mention the real life events of the world around us the viewers it has remained an integral part of British television and with the advent of technology to allow for shows like this to be seen the world over, a major favorite for fans all over. I might not like going to my Dr, but I love me some of The Dr!

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