Open Letter from the Editors

The online treatment of vintage surfboards is largely confined to e-commerce sites (auction houses or vintage board retailers) — whose primary purpose is sales — and discussion boards, where it is difficult for one to develop a thought that runs beyond a paragraph and where image embedding is fairly rudimentary. There are, of course, some great individual bloggers sharing words and images about their quivers or their projects. Without dismissing the important role of existing venues for sharing vintage surfboard information, we seek to create a different publication venue for older board stories. Medium is particularly well suited to this kind of writing.

We invite submissions from people with stories to tell about their older boards. We refuse to draw deep lines in the sand establishing firm rules about the meaning of vintage or the style of board that might be discussed. Although purists who date “vintage” at pre-1967 might object, we’ll consider publishing good stories (from any angle) involving boards that are, well, old enough for someone to consider vintage.

We launch the publication with a multi-part story about an ongoing board rehabilitation project. But we do not seek to confine this publication to restoration-style projects. Got a great vintage surfboard story to tell? Write it, reach out to become a writer here, and let’s get it published.