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Chianti: Why Are There Two DOCG Regions?

Chianti vineyards (Wiki Commons)

Origins of a World-Famous Name

Lega Del Chianti Emblem, chosen in 1384 (Wiki Commons)

Earliest Attempts at Wine Regulation

Part of the decree setting Chianti boundaries, 24 September 1716

The Era of Commercialization

The traditional fiasco bottle (Wiki Commons)
Ad from 06 Feb 1906, The Evening Mail, Stockton, California (

The Rejection of Place in Italy

Tuscan vineyards (Wiki Commons)

Return of the Rooster

Warring Factions

Chianti Putto Logo
Villa Antinori launched with the black rooster seal in 1928. It is now a Toscana IGT wine. (Marchesi Antinori)

The Fornaciari Commission’s Devastating Ruling

A comparison of pre-Fornaciari Chianti with today’s region and sub-regions (Wiki Commons)

Modern Denominations Finally Come to Italy

Chianti Classico logo, today

Finally, Divorce!

What Did We Learn?

(Wiki Commons)



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