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A Love Letter to our Community

Dearest Viola.AI Community,

Greetings from Singapore! How are you? Hope you have had a great week so far! :)

All of us in Viola.AI are so humbled and excited by all the positive encouragement that we have received from you — our amazing community, throughout the last 2 months of our ICO journey.

As you know, our mission for Viola.AI is to change the world one relationship at a time by helping billions of singles and couples throughout the world to have better lifetime relationships.

We have always been a company that is focused on the long term goal and benefits as opposed to quick and immediate gains.

That is the reason, after having many long and hard discussions among ourselves, and after consulting with our advisors and partners, we have decided to make 2 important changes to our ICO campaign. I will detail the changes as well as our reasons for doing so in this letter.

Revision of our Hardcap

After taking into consideration feedback from our advisors and early supporters, we have decided to revise our hardcap from USD17 million to USD12.5 million by selling less tokens in the campaign. Most of these unsold tokens would be put into the rewards pool which is used to grow Viola.AI via incentivizing the community via revenue share, commissions and bounty campaigns.

This would give most of the benefit from this change to our community and ensure that the bulk of the token will go into the hands of our users and community. The rest of the tokens will be placed in the company reserve which has a vesting period of 1 year. These tokens can be deployed in the future if we need more resources to grow further.

We are revising our hardcap because with strong community support, we are confident we can execute our development plans to ensure the rapid adoption of Viola.AI. We have also decided to put the voice recognition development on hold for now and hence would require lesser resources.

The revision of our hardcap is done to ensure the best outcome for the token sale campaign. We confirm that we will have sufficient capacity to take the project forward, including increasing the rewards pool for our passionate supporters, as well as having a bigger company reserve for a rainy day in the future.

The new token distribution is as below:
37% Token Sale (13% less)
28% Rewards Pool (8% more)
25% Company Reserve (5% more)
10% Team & Advisory Pool (no change)

Please do reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback about this change. We would love to engage you in conversations and share with you further on our thoughts and how we have come to this decision.

Name, Look and Persona for the World’s Smartest Love Advisor

Over the course of our pre-sale, we have received many questions about the origin or even the choice of our project name — Viola.AI. Initially, Jamie wanted to name the project after our co-founder Violet. However, Violet thought it would be more meaningful to combine her name ‘Violet’ with ‘LA’, which is how we refer to Lunch Actually, the first dating service that we founded over 13 years ago.

And that was how the name Viola came about — a name that we have lovingly chosen for our A.I. — a persona who’s positive, smart, outgoing and wise.

In the last 2 months, some well-meaning community members have brought up to us that the word Viola is too similar to another word that circumstantially means “rape” in Spanish. Although many community members have stood by the name and given us feedback that they love the name and did not take offense of the name at all; this is something that has kept us up at night. We do not wish to potentially cause any misunderstanding for our Spanish and Spanish-speaking supporters or any other potential users for our choice of the name.

As much as we like the name, our goal for Viola.AI is to transform the lives of as many people as possible — and it will be tragic that we fail to fulfil that mission because of a misunderstanding and/or negative connotation of the name in certain communities. We want our A.I. to be used by all people from different cultures, different nationalities and different creeds.

We know that our passionate and growing community is the key driver to the success of our project.

So, we are giving the power back to our community and let you decide on the new name. Not only you will get to choose and vote for the new name for your future lifetime A.I. Advisor, you will also have input on how she would look as well as her key personality traits, customised for different cultures and communities.

To ensure there is no confusion on the project’s name during the token sale campaign, this engagement campaign and global voting will only begin AFTER the completion of our public sale. Hence for all intent and purposes, Viola.AI will remain the name of the project for the token sale campaign.

Please make sure you join our Telegram community ( and our News Channel (

as we will giving all firsthand information on this upcoming name choosing campaign and all new updates about our project in these two channels.

We Want to Hear From You
We want you to know that you are extremely important to us. And only by working closely with you, our community members, we can revolutionize and transform the love industry and bring Viola.AI to greater heights!

We know many of you would have questions on the above two changes. Hence, we would like to address any questions or feedback you might have by inviting you to ask us anything on Telegram. All of our team members will be there to answer your concerns, feedback and suggestions!

Once again, we would like to thank all of our community members for your love, your support and your encouragement.

This project belongs to the community — and we thank YOU for your trust, your faith and your belief in our vision.

Jamie & Violet

On behalf of the Viola.AI Team



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