“If we’re doing it for anyone, we’re doing it for you”, says Viola.AI Co-Founder Jamie Lee (A Message to the Community)

Jamie Lee expresses his appreciation message to the Community

“I would like to thank the Community for being that constant ‘bright light’ to the Team. And if we are doing it for anyone, we are doing it for you guys!”
— Jamie Lee, Co-Founder of Viola.AI

On Day 8 of the Public Sale, 25 June 2018, our Co-Founder Jamie Lee has openly shared the latest progress of the ICO, his take on the current bearish Crypto Market, upcoming initiatives and his words of appreciation to the Community of Viola.AI.

Public Sale Progress

Despite the bearish market, both seen on a similar situation between June and back in March, the Viola.AI Team has been mentally ready, that the progress of the campaign will slow as expected.

From the Public Sale launch up to now, 25th of June, the campaign has raised USD 560,000 worth of tokens (excluding bonus tokens). The bulk of it was contributed by the strategic tie-ups of Viola.AI, that was made ahead of the launch to keep the momentum of sales. It is a far cry to reach the hard cap of 12.5 million, not forgetting the fact that Pre-Sale has performed well after selling around USD 2 Million worth of tokens.

The Token Sale is slower, due to the current bearish market condition, and may be raising lower amount than we have expected. The delivery of the product is still targeted according to the product roadmap, milestone after milestone.

Upcoming Initiatives: What’s Next?

One of the team’s strengths, the seasoned IT and execution teams, is delivering what has been promised. The MVP has been delivered relatively on time where the product will be launched on the AppStore and the PlayStore by end of July. The MVP has received good reviews so far from the Alpha Testers.

The Real-ID verification and the Marketplace (which will be launched earlier), and the Crowd Wisdom/Advisory will be delivered as promised — to add value to people’s lives, delivering value for everyone.

The MVP was launched on 5th June with the Alpha Testers.

A great deal will soon be announced to the first 10,000 users of Viola.AI that is expected to be on-board the soonest time possible. The Alpha Club, those who have made their contributions in the ICO campaign, will leverage on exclusive benefits and will be honoured as the product development progresses.

“We are very grateful to all the buyers to make this dream come alive”, Jamie expresses his appreciation to all contributors, the Alpha Club members.

“Viola.AI will play a major role in the future — in dating and relationships. We need time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Amazon took a decade until it reaches to where she is today”.

“We will execute consistently, try to be as transparent as possible, and try to communicate often to everyone”, he added.

Jamie also expressed that the project had its ups and downs. Amongst all, one of the brightest lights that has been keeping the Team stay optimistic is the Community — who he clearly and sincerely described as understanding, passionate, kind and supportive.

“What more can we ask for?”
“I would like to thank the Community for being that constant bright light to the Team. And if we are doing it for anyone, we are doing it for you guys!”, he concluded.

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