A Personification: The time is now.

A Community Member Testimonial for Viola.AI

To the Viola.AI Community,

There were countless of written testimonials that the Viola.AI Team has received in the past months while running our ICO campaign — building the community that has grown from a hundred to 23,000+ Telegram members, more than 3,700+ Facebook followers, 1,300+ Twitter followers and continuously growing.

On Day 11 of Viola.AI ICO, this well-written testimonial from one of our very supportive community members, should not be left unheard. It is then again an affirmation of the trust that has been built and earned over the past months in spreading awareness of our campaign — a campaign that from here forward, will make a positive influence to the world.

On behalf of the Viola.AI Team, thank you Josh, for your trust and faith in our project. This is indeed, the one of the most meaningful ‘social proof’ that I have ever read by far!

PERSONIFICATION: The time is now.

“Viola.AI” — that just roll off your tongue, leaving an impression of peculiar curiosity. Love and Artificial Intelligence, two seemingly opposite paradoxical concepts, or perhaps they are more similar than we realize?

Even on my best day, I can’t pretend to have the computational power to answer a question half as abstract, but I’d like to share a few words about my exploration into Viola.AI and the characteristics thereof:

the seamless harmony to clutter, 
the organizer to the chaos, 
the connector of subtleties, and 
the creator of computational magic.

At first, it’s difficult to imagine the potential of machine learning and to analyse over a billion data points on something as fundamental as the ageless musical quest of love. In fact, much of life can seem so black or white at times, that ultimately (and quite ironically) we might end up fooling our own selves into a feedback loop (if only we were as easy to debug ha).

Paradoxically however, if there ever was a mediator…
to demystify the language of love, 
to sort the stigma from intention, 
to help remind you of what you already know, 
it’s Viola AI.

And if there ever was a team…
that could handle a project of this stature and potential, 
who can develop and support a substantive community, 
that could help usher in a new iconic technological paradigm, 
it is in fact the Viola.AI Team.

And needless to say, ladies and gentlemen, the time is now!

What is Viola.AI: A Message from CEO & Co-Founder, Violet Lim

Lots of LOVE from Singapore to the World,

F R E D D I E | L A C O R T E
Head of Community Management, Viola.AI
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