Progress Report: Q2 Issue No- 8

Jay Paul
Jay Paul
May 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Roadmap and Community Highlights of Viola.AI

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To the Viola.AI Community,

Here are some of the recent updates from the Viola.AI Team as we wrap up the week as on 10th May 2019

Viola.AI Leads Marketplace

, the parent body of Viola.AI is co-hosting the “” along with its partner on 15th & 16th May in Singapore. The Global Love Conference is the world’s largest gathering of love industry professionals where leaders from the love and matchmaking industry from over 50+ countries would be attending to discuss on various synergies & other relevant topics.

would be showcased in our upcoming “Global Love Conference”. The Leads Marketplace would be a strategically important tool for token utilization & creation of demand for VAI tokens.

To register for the conference click here:

The demo site of the Leads Marketplace is expected to be completed by the end of May 2019.

Here are some of the demo screens of the Leads Marketplace

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Figure 1: Sample dashboard page from the Market Place web app.
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Figure 2: Leads Market installation page for integration to different platforms
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Figure 3: The Leads Market Integration with our new Matchmaker’s CRM system

Recommendation Engine and AI Matching

The team has been meeting regularly with our Artificial Intelligence partners , AI Singapore , who are working on the AI Matching and Recommendation Engine for Viola.AI app’s crowd wisdom feature.

We had just completed our Sprint #5 and sharing some of the relevant details.

Crowd Wisdom

  • Labelling Exercise: Different labelling exercises were done to find out the quality of results in getting dating and relationship recommendations from Reddit
  • Modelling: We have attempted 2 modelling approaches in this sprint with the intention of creating a baseline model.

AI Matching

After exploring different models we’ve chosen the one that gave the best performance so far, LambdaMART, which is a boosted tree based ranking model. We also did another round of feature engineering by introducing new combined features, and eliminating some very infrequent ones. And this helped to further boost up the model performance!

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Figure 4: Comparison result between the previous and the newly optimized model. Achieved 78% and 70% level of accuracy.

Cross validation were done to ensure our models’ consistency over different testing sets.

Done model interpretation and feature analysis. We’ve trained separate models for users from different location, ethnicity, income, education level and age group.

We would be able to show in example, for a certain income group, what the important features are when they select their partner, and how these top features have been ranked compared to other income groups.

What’s Next on development?

  • Further analysing population by the city they come from and their education
  • Build framework to analyse all these factor to give more insights
  • Substantiate these insights with evidence from social science side
  • Run tests against our legacy matching system to compare results
  • Present Leads Market and the Matchmakers CRM integration during the Love Conference
  • Search for more resources of quality questions and answers for our crowd wisdom

Token Burn

We are pleased to inform that we had successfully burnt all unsold tokens from the public sale. The total tokens burnt is 71,202,463 VAI .

The transaction could be checked from the below mentioned link:

Present token supply stands at 178,797,537 VAI

New Exchange Listing

We had successfully listed our VIOLET token (VAI) in CoinChangeX Decentralized Crypto Exchange.

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Trade Link:!/trade/VAI-ETH

This is our third exchange listing.

To initiate a trade visit 👉
Exchange Link 1:
Exchange Link 2:
Exchange Link 3:!/trade/VAI-ETH

VAI is also listed in Coingecko Tokenenomy & could be checked from below mentioned link :

Email Correspondence to Viola.AI

Where to direct your emails enquiries and requests to the Viola.AI Team

To streamline our email communication process, kindly refer to the defined email addresses below for your future use.

Our email response lead time: 24–48 Working Hours

  • — for general enquiries and user/member feedback, account-related enquiries, token rewards and technical support (including Bug Reports)
  • — for enquiries and feedback from Merchants and potential Partners of Viola.AI
  • — for business development & partnership enquiries

Our Mission continues, “To Change the World, One Relationship at a Time”.

J A Y D E E P | P A U L
Community Manager, Viola.AI
DM me on Telegram | Follow me on Medium



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