Progress Report: Q4 Issue No.5

Product Roadmap and Community Highlights of Viola.AI

Freddie Lacorte
Oct 12, 2018 · 3 min read

[The article below was the last content written and published for Viola Tech Pte Ltd, a member of the Lunch Actually Group, where yours truly was formerly the Marketing and Community Manager of Viola.AI. I have left the company since 19 October 2018. For assistance and enquiries on Marketing and Community Management, please contact @KrytoJay or @LiYhee on Telegram.]

To the Viola.AI Community,

Here are some recent updates from the Viola.AI Team to wrap up the week as of 12 October.

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Post-ICO Bounty Program: September Winners

Proof of Love Contest of the Month

Kudos to the winning participants (see Telegram Usernames with corresponding token rewards below) in Viola.AI’s Proof of Love Contest in September (Theme: Mobile App/MVP Review)!

  • @talha0691 (App Review Bounty) — 30 VIOLET Tokens
  • @TR_0507 (Twitter Bounty) — 20 VIOLET Tokens
  • @methom (YouTube Bounty) — 300 VIOLET Tokens

Winners will get their respective VIOLET Tokens not later than 30 November 2018. Email notifications will be sent to the winners for further instructions.

Distribution of Bonus Tokens and Token Rewards

Token Rewards Distribution In-Progress

From 29 September to 5 October, we’ve completed the distribution of all Bonus Tokens among eligible members of Viola.AI who have purchased their VIOLET Tokens during the 3 stages of ICO: Private Sale, Pre-Sale and Public Sale.

From 6 October up to present, we are progressing in the distribution of Token Rewards for the Proof of Love Bounty Program, Aidrop Telegram Campaigns, Referral Program, etc. Further announcements will be made available by Viola.AI Core Team in Viola.AI HIGHLIGHTS and Viola.AI COMMUNITY accordingly.

Email Correspondence to Viola.AI

Where to direct your emails enquiries and requests to the Viola.AI Team

To streamline our email communication process, kindly refer to the defined email addresses below for your future use.

Our email response lead time: 24–48 Working Hours

  • — for general enquiries and user/member feedback, account-related enquiries, token rewards and technical support (including Bug Reports)
  • — for enquiries and feedback from Merchants and potential Partners of Viola.AI

Bug Reporting to Viola.AI Tech Team

Let our Tech Team know those spotted bugs!

  • Vulnerabilities will be ranked from Category 3 (VAI 700), Category 2 (VAI 500) to Category 1 (VAI 200), depending on their severity. The Viola.AI Tech Team determines the severity of vulnerability.
  • The Viola.AI Tech Team determines the severity of vulnerability.
  • Where to look for vulnerabilities: (1) Viola.AI Website:; OR, (2) Viola.AI Dashboard (for registered members only).
  • Read more details of the Bug Report: Vulnerability Disclosure Program
  • Upon completion, submit your reports here.
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Violet and Jamie in London

Violet and Jamie are currently in London at the iDate Online Dating Conference — sharing more about what we’ve been up to in developing Viola.AI as well as our Merchant Portal.

They’ve also just attended the Matchmaking Experts Summit earlier this week, meeting all the matchmakers around the world to introduce Viola.AI as they go on-board in Viola.AI’s Ecosystem.

Viola.AI In The Media

“There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you’ve helped not just one person, but also generations to come,” she said. “The result of what we do is so tangible. Many couples have thanked us because, without us, they wouldn’t have met and made a new family.”
— Violet Lim (Co-Founder and CEO of Viola.AI and Lunch Actually Group)

Read our latest online media coverage by

Our Mission continues, ‘To Change the World, One Relationship at a Time’.

Lots of LOVE from Singapore to the World,

F R E D D I E | L A C O R T E
Head of Community Management, Viola.AI
DM me on Telegram | Follow me on Medium | Connect with me on LinkedIn



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