Proof of Love: Viola.AI Bounty Program 2.0

Be a Transformer and Get Rewarded!

<Attention: The Bounty Program has been closed since 9 March, 11:45 am SGT (UTC+8). We are not accepting any bounty program submissions (Proof of Love) until further notice.>

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You’ve heard our story.
You’ve listened and continued looking
as to how we progress from day one.
In every little-to-giant steps, that you and our team do,
our story is built by and with people,
just like you.

If you can even do more, 
or have that zeal of passion to make a difference, 
get ready to taking it to the next level, 
to address the challenges of ‘the heart’.

YOU can help billions of singles and couples around the globe who are in their journey from dating, courtship to marriage. 
YOU can touch lives by helping us spread the word and show your Proof of Love of Viola.AI.
Now, get ready.



Once selected, you will be known as a Transformer who will play key roles in supporting the transformation that Viola.AI brings to singles and couples around the world, and together, with all the prudently selected Transformers will form the Viola.AI Transformers League!

The Viola.AI Transformers League is an exclusive group of the most actively engaged, loyal and passionate supporters of Viola.AI — carefully vetted through either:

  • filtered applications, OR,
  • exclusive invitations by the Team of Viola.AI

The Transformers believe in our mission, “Change the world one relationship at a time”.

Minimum Requirements: You must sign up for an account on Viola.AI website and pass the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. You must also join and stay on our Telegram Channel until the end of the token sale.


You can show your Proof of Love of Viola.AI by doing at least one of the following bounties (But, more Proof of Love means more rewards!):

Add Members to Telegram

to build our community where all the latest announcements, exclusive deals and real-time updates are communicated.

Reward: 30 VIOLA tokens for each member added
To Qualify: Your added members must stay until the end of token sale.
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Refer Your Friends

to sign up on Viola.AI using your unique referral link from the dashboard.

Reward: 5% of your friend’s purchase. Your friend will get 5% bonus tokens.
To Qualify: Your friend must sign up using your referral link and make a purchase.

Share on Facebook

to either post your original content about us or re-post from our FB page.

Reward: 20 VIOLA tokens
To Qualify: ‘Like’ our page at
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Retweet our Posts

and spread #RT #ViolaAI @Viola_ai_ on Twitter!

Reward: 5 VIOLA tokens for each unique RT
To Qualify: ‘Follow’ us on Twitter at
OR handle @viola_ai_
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Create Content on YouTube

to publish your own explanatory or review video about Viola.AI.

Reward: 500 VIOLA tokens
To Qualify: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. At least 1 minute, 30 seconds long. Include our website in your description.
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Publish on Medium & other Blog Sites

to post your self-written article about our product, our team, our ICO campaign, your reviews and more!

Reward: 300 VIOLA tokens
To Qualify: Original Content with at least 500 words. Tag “Viola” on your post and include a hyperlink to our website
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Cite us on Bitcoin Talk Signature

to include links of our Telegram account and our website address in your signature.

Reward: 200 VIOLA tokens
To Qualify: Must be active and available until the end of token sale
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Translate our Whitepaper or Website Content

to represent your own country, share your ‘mother tongue’ with others!

Reward: 1000 VIOLA tokens for each approved translation
To Qualify: Ask Freddie on Telegram @lacorte16 for the available language for translation prior to submission.

Report the Bugs

to spot errors on our dashboard, emails, our website, etc.

Reward: 100–1000 VIOLA tokens depending on the bugs reported
Register Now: Proof of Love Form

Got ideas beyond this list? We’d love to hear from you.

Contact any of our Admins on Telegram and let’s take it from there.


In addition to the Bounty Rewards listed above, the Viola.AI Team will select the most ardent and loyal Transformers, to be rewarded with these extra benefits:

    on top of what you earn as a Transformer and the tier level you are on (eg. 50% Tier +10% Transformer Bonus = 60% Bonus Tokens)
    during the Public Token Sale


  1. Each Transformer can earn up to a maximum of 5000 Bonus VIOLA tokens from the Proof of Love campaign (Bounty Program 2.0), unless otherwise stated.
  2. Bonus tokens are rewarded to the eligible Transformers 7 days after the end of the Public Token Sale.


  1. Show your Proof of Love based on the bounty(ies) of your choice.
  2. Submit the completed Proof of Love Form.
  3. Receive an email confirmation or Telegram Direct Message (DM) from the Viola.AI Team.

If you receive a direct invitation from us, you can skip all the steps above!

We are rewarding the active members of the Viola.AI Community. Get involved today and let your zeal of passion, your Proof of Love, pay off.


Submit Your Online Application here: Proof of Love Form

From Singapore to the World,

F R E D D I E | L A C O R T E
Head of Community Management, Viola.AI
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