The Best Dating App Have These 7 Features

In today’s day and age, using dating apps is the norm for singles. In fact, it will even seem slightly odd if someone has not tried out dating apps before, whether for curiosity’s sake or to genuinely find a connection with people you otherwise would not ever meet.

Online dating has evolved throughout the years as well. I remember growing up and talking to people using ICQ, chat rooms, and instant messengers. At that time, all you needed was an email address, and you were free to use those platforms and talk to as many people as you want. There was no way of knowing who you were really talking to.

Of course, nowadays, online dating has improved slightly. Usually they will prompt you to log in using your social media account… but then again, what’s to prevent someone from just creating a fake Facebook account as well, right? Many do, as shown by the growing love scams industry which has reached a whopping 1 billion dollars!

The scary thing is, victims of these love scams are no different than the people you and I may know. It’s just that these scammers have gotten way too cunning at knowing how to manipulate people who want to genuinely find love in these platforms.

It’s not just love scams problems that singles face when they are using online dating platforms. There are also issues of having too many options, initiating conversations with people and trying to sustain that conversation for days, weeks, even months before you feel certain that you want to meet them in real life, and so on.

There are ways to combat these issues, but only a very select few online dating apps/ platforms have the right features to do so. So, what makes a perfect online dating platform?

Here are 7 features online dating platforms should have to be consider a great platform:

1) Real verification to prove someone’s identity

The most ideal dating platform should be able to guarantee that each of their users are genuinely single. You don’t have to worry about them having a secret life in another part of the world. one which you don’t know of. It should also verify other details, such as race, education level, career, age, and so on.

2) Proper checks to ensure someone looks like the photos they uploaded

Once the identity is verified, the best platform should also make sure their user look the same as their photos. Checking through their social media is no longer enough. The dating platform should be able to do a real-time video scan to make sure their user look like their photos.

3) Ensure everyone using the platform has the same intention as you

It’s important for singles to feel secure when they are using any dating platform. If they are assured that that everyone that they may encounter has exactly the same intention as them, they don’t have to worry about hurting someone else, or being hurt themselves.

For example, if you’re looking for a casual date, then you would want to meet other casual daters. And if you’re looking for someone to settle down with, of course you would want to meet similar type of people. Mismatching expectations is another key challenge for singles and a cause of conflicts and breakdown in relationships.

4) Show users like you ONLY the type of people you want to meet

Once the platform can filter out people with different intentions, ideally it should also be able to show you only the people you want to meet or would hit it off, based on the information the platform has gathered about you and the other person.

5) Gives you basic information about your matches easily

Imagine having 10 potential matches, all of whom you have to message one by one to get to know them better. Wouldn’t it be great if the perfect online dating platform can tell you basic information about these 10 matches (their hobbies, interests, passions, personalities, etc) immediately? Then, you don’t have to spend your valuable time messaging each person personally, and you can gauge which match you are more interested in meeting.

6) Help you facilitate an actual offline meeting with the person that you want to meet

What happens when you decide that you want to meet someone online on general online dating apps? After talking to each other for a period of time (which could be days, or weeks or months to ensure they are not serial killers or psychopaths), then there’s the awkwardness of setting a date to meet up.

Should you meet for a movie, or a coffee, or a drink? What if he/she rejects you? What if they stand you up? These worries are real for singles looking for love on online dating platforms.

Therefore, the best dating platform should be able to help plan your date — by checking both your schedules for your free time, recommending the best first date activity based on both of your interests and personalities, and helping to set up a date just like that. Doesn’t that sound awesome and hassle-free?

7) Lastly, the best dating platform should be able to let you know whether the other person is still interested in meeting after the date

So. You have gone on a first date with your online match, and it’s now behind you. Suddenly, you have more questions, like:

Does he/she like you?
Is he/she still talking to other matches online?
Should you text them first?
Are we gonna have a second date?

If you knew all these answers, you could save time wondering and quickly decide to either ask him/her for a second date, or move on.

But it seems like we’re asking too much from an online dating platform. Is that even possible? Where can you find a perfect dating site that can do all of those things?

Well, enter Viola.AI.

Viola.AI is the world’s first AI and Blockchain project for Love — and it is set to capably have all of the mentioned features above. It aims to be the best, most effective dating platform. Equipped with Real-ID Verification and the smartest Love Advisor, singles can finally get their hands on the Perfect Dating App. Its MVP is set to launch in May 2018.

How does Viola.AI work?

Viola.AI employs a strict verification through the Real-ID Verification system. Each user’s photo is checked against their social media accounts and real-time face scan to verify their identity, including their marital status; this process is then decentralized and stored on the Blockchain.

Viola.AI will also employ end-to-end encryption to protect its users from any threat such as the infamous Ashley Madison hacking case. The deployment of decentralized system and blockchain technology enables high security and authentication of users. This powerful tool can prevent any identity theft, protect against data tampering and protect the infrastructure of Viola.AI. Importantly, singles no longer need to worry about encountering other people who are not real or using fake photos to potentially scam them.

With the capability to perform deep learning about each user’s personality, background and behaviour, Viola.AI can give singles the most relevant and curated matches based on each user’s personality, needs and intention. By talking to Viola.AI, singles can also find out more information about their potential matches and easily arrange dates with them with Viola.AI’s help. After each date, Viola.AI will find out how singles feels and whether they are interested in pursuing a second date, and helping both parties with the arrangement. She can also give dating advice and answer their questions, as well as provide ideas to impress each other as Viola.AI knows what each of the singles likes.

Our aspiration has been in the making for the past 1.5 years, and we’re so proud to finally let singles get their hands on the best dating app in the world!