The Story Behind Viola.AI

Our Mission: Change the world one relationship at a time

Violet Lim
Dec 21, 2017 · 4 min read

The Blockchain and A.I. revolution has just begun. Even though it is still in its infancy, we know with certainty that this revolution would shake up many industries and businesses including ours. We also believe that this would be the key to building a better dating and relationship industry.

13 years ago, the two of us, bright-eyed young adults in their 20's brimming with idealism and enthusiasm, took our first steps into the love industry not really knowing how it works.

In the first few years, we took on clients and worked hard to find matches and arrange dates. Some found someone through other means and left us. Some didn’t find someone and left us. Most interestingly, some found their life partners through us; they too left us! That was when the harsh reality hit us… in the dating industry, the more effective you are, the better your matches are, the faster your best clients leave you.

Nevertheless, we believed that in the long run, our happy clients would be our greatest testimonials and they will recommend new clients to us. We stuck to our mission which was to be “The World’s Most Effective Dating Solution”. We kept up with times and technological advances and created multiple dating products, some free and for all budgets.

The reality is in the dating industry, there are 2 common forms of catfishing.

The second form of catfishing is actually by some dating app owners themselves! Sending fake messages from attractive profiles they know you will like which helps to secure a new subscriber or renew an existing one. This is actually an industry dirty secret. A simple internet search will reveal some of the companies that got caught, including the infamous Ashley Madison hack which revealed there were almost no women in the database.

True to our mission, we have never engaged in such practices, even though from an economic standpoint, we understand why it was done. With the need to constantly acquire new users (with expensive marketing spend) who will certainly leave you eventually, the aim of many of these companies is to earn as much money as possible even when no value is added to the end user. Disadvantaged because we refused to go down the slippery slope, this often kept us up at night.

The conceptualisation of Viola.AI came after being in the industry for the past 13 years, understanding the various challenges singles and couples face. We intuitively knew something has to change!

Ethereum Smart Contracts would enable the community to enjoy the fruits of their contributions to Viola.AI via smart contracts automatically rewarding VIOLA tokens, spreading the financial benefits to the many rather than being left in the hands of a few.

A.I. technology often has a bad reputation; slated to putting millions of people out of job and potentially creating chaos. We are convicted that A.I. technology can be channeled to create love and promote better understanding for relationships.

The A.I. we are building would verify each and everyone person in the database to ensure they are real and actually look like their photos helping reduce or eliminate catfishing.

The A.I. that we are building evolves from dating, couple-hood to marriage and ensuring that we would always serve our users to the best of our ability throughout, helping people find love, helping romance blossom, and helping sustain the relationship right till their twilight years.

Viola.AI is our most ambitious project yet. We are targeting to transform billions of relationships worldwide and we cannot do this on our own. We need your help and your support.

You can support by buying tokens in our ICO. VIOLA tokens are (ERC 20) utility tokens which can be used for transactions such getting personalized matches/services, coaching, buying flowers and gifts for anniversaries, as well as rewarding experts who value add to you. If you are a business, you can use the VIOLA tokens to reach out to customers who need your services. After each transaction, a small percentage of VIOLA tokens is burnt to reduce supply and in the medium and long run rewarding early buyers.

Although we are building Viola.AI even as we speak, when you buy VIOLA tokens now in the pre-sale or public sale, you are helping us make Viola.AI a reality FASTER and with BETTER features. That is why we are now offering early supporters a huge bonus tokens (limited time only) as a thank you gift for your belief and faith in us.

Thank you for reading our very long letter, and we look forward to your support to help us help billions of singles and couples have better lifetime relationships!

Jamie & Violet




Viola.AI - The First Blockchain-Powered Relationship Registry (REL-Registry) & Lifelong AI Love Advisor, Restoring Trust in the USD800 Billion Love Industry

Violet Lim

Written by

CEO & Co-founder of Viola.AI & Lunch Actually Group. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Entrepreneur. Matchmaker. Changemaker.


Viola.AI - The First Blockchain-Powered Relationship Registry (REL-Registry) & Lifelong AI Love Advisor, Restoring Trust in the USD800 Billion Love Industry

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