Viola.AI Announces 14-Day Token Sale Extension

“Let us take a step, together.”

11 July 2018

To the Viola.AI Community,

We are truly grateful for all the understanding and support we have received so far.

You are about to read our important announcements below that needs your utmost attention.



The Viola.AI Team has decided to push the end date of the Public Sale to 31 July, 8pm SGT instead of the 30th day of ICO (17 July). The 14-day extension will allow us to reach the scheduled airing of our international media coverage with Fox Business, and to allow us more time in securing more contributions including the private sales that we have been thoroughly working on.

What’s Next? The Team is working on several new initiatives to push the public sale further which will be announced soon while still working on more larger private sales.


VIOLET token (VAI) is now listed on IDEX — the first Ethereum-based decentralized smart contract exchange that supports real-time trading and high transaction throughput.

What’s Next? This is just the first. The rest of the new exchange listings, along with the date of trading VAI on IDEX, will be announced after the token sale.


Countless eyeballs have seen us in the media — CNN, Forbes, BBC, TechInAsia, to name a few. On 28 July at 5:00PM Eastern Time, Fox Business will be airing an exclusive pre-recorded interview (6 mins, 39 secs) with Violet and Jamie that could further expand the potentials of our project on a larger scale.

What’s Next? Look forward to receiving the video link from us; or perhaps, watch Viola.AI’s media appearance upon airing.


From the MVP launch on 5th of June till now, we’ve done the Alpha testing with registered Alpha Club members that led our team in effectively enhancing the app development. She’s waking up on the IOS App Store and the Google Play targeted at around the end of July to early August 2018.

What’s Next? All registered members will be notified upon launch. All contributors will be given ‘freemium’ services and other perks.


We’re reaching the final stage of building the Viola.AI Marketplace. The Marketing Plan is all set to drive our user acquisition growth strategy and get merchants on-board allowing users to purchase products and services using VIOLET tokens.

What’s Next? Entrepreneurs and consumers within our community will be invited to participate in the testing phase of the merchant site within the week of 16 July.


We’ve made ourselves familiar to most of you in the past 7 months of conversations on socials, AMAs, and other forms of communication. The time is just right for us to grow the team while managing our project with several new headcounts in IT.

Upon hiring, we can’t wait to introduce our new team members to you. You’ll surely love them too.

— 💜 —

With those UPDATES ROUNDUP, what’s the ultimate ‘next’ for Viola.AI?

As of this time, over 22 million VIOLET tokens have been sold. We are still working hard on some public sale strategies to push things forward till the end of the public sale in end July.

We encourage you to read the relevant FAQs below this email to answer some of your potential questions.

The team wishes to thank you for your amazing support and faith in Viola.AI.

Let us take this step, together.
On behalf of the Viola.AI Team,

Freddie Lacorte
Head of Community Management

— 💜 —


How much tokens will I receive at the end of the token sale?

All contributors who have purchased VIOLET tokens by ETH and BTC are protected against losing out from crypto market fluctuations — whereas the 3-point basis of exchange rate applies:

  • at the point of VIOLET token purchase;
  • on the 30th day of token sale (17 July, 8pm SGT); or,
  • at the end of token sale (31 July, 8pm SGT)

We will use the exchange rate that gives more tokens for the buyer. For contributions by Ether, buyers are also protected from market fluctuations by taking the minimum rate of USD500.

Is there anything that I should do prior to closing the campaign?

Our team will be sending regular email reminders to ensure that your profile record has the correct ERC20-compatible wallet address (not an exchange address) until we receive your confirmation through the dashboard.

In the coming days till end of ICO, we will make sure that you will receive the correct volume of purchased tokens, and the correct recording of bonus tokens and other rewards.

Notable Dates: 7 August (Distribution of Purchased Tokens) and 29 September (Distribution of Bonus Tokens/Rewards — due to the 60-day lockdown period)