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Viola.AI Update #14: Introducing REL-Registry!

25 April 2018

Greetings Viola.AI Community,

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Community Updates

In the past few weeks, we have been busy developing the MVP while refining the Viola.AI concept further. We are happy to share an improved verification concept evolved from the earlier ID verification idea which we have named the Rel-Registry.

Viola.AI was developed with the idea on improving trust and transparency in the Love industry that is littered with love scammers, cheats and even errant dating players that use bots to fraudulently earn extra revenues.

We realized that besides the photo verification, another problem actually lies in the lack of transparency for relationship/martial status. Today’s country-centric, disconnected, centralized marital records registry has proved wholly inadequate in providing accessibility and usefulness to the public.

Would it not been useful for people and organisations if there was a global, decentralized, accessible and transparent relationship registry? It’s a big project but the longest journey began with a single step.

Introducing our improved verification solution: REL-Registry — a decentralized, verified and global Relationship Registry on the Blockchain, complemented by a powerful lifelong Relationship Assistant (AI Love Advisor) to help singles and couples worldwide.

Our REL-Registry verifies users through decentralized ID verification with visual recognition and social media accounts, and hashes their relationship status on to the blockchain which is immutable and accessible globally.

Evolving based on the user’s relationship status, Viola.AI will recommend highly targeted and relevant content, goods and service from experts/merchants to them according to their personalised needs, relationship timelines and other customisable factors.

The Benefits:

If you’re single, you can use Viola.AI to:
• access curated, only-single matches on REL-Registry
• search a date’s relationship status with advanced filtering
• increase your dating success with AI Love Advisor’s recommendations
• arrange dates and buy gifts with VIOLET tokens

If you’re in a relationship, you can use Viola.AI to:
• declare your ‘in a relationship’ status to show your love to your partner
• “marry” on the Blockchain with globally-immutable Marriage Smart Contracts
• romance your loved one with AI Love Advisor’s recommendations
• nurture your relationship by getting helpful advice from AI Love Advisor

If you’re married, you can use Viola.AI to:
• declare your commitment on the Blockchain with open-immutable Marriage Smart Contracts
• create customised love agreements with VIOLET tokens
• romance your spouse with AI Love Advisor’s recommendations
• get helpful marriage advice from AI Love Advisor

Check out our website and our latest whitepaper to read the full details of REL-Registry and how it works! Talk to us on Telegram if you have any questions!

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What Would You Ask Viola.AI: Meeting Your Match

What about you….What would you ask Viola.AI?

Train Viola.AI by sending us relevant questions that could help her address love-relationship challenges that could complement her evolving learning modules. Entries will be aligned to specific themes each week.

Send your questions at

If You Were Viola.AI: Commitment Problems

If you were Viola.AI…how would you answer questions about Relationship Commitment?

While we’re training Viola.AI to evolve as the smartest love AI/relationship assistant, let’s simulate how does the Crowd Wisdom and Advisory feature work in our new weekly campaign, If you were Viola.AI.

Answer 10 Featured Questions from last week’s “What would you ask Viola.AI” that could help singles and couples to solve their love and relationship challenges.

GET 30 VIOLET TOKENS for each best response curated by us.
Answer Featured Questions of the Week

Viola.AI In The Media

CEO & Co-Founder Violet was recently interviewed for Crypto The Wonder Dog podcast! Listen to the full podcast here:

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Christina Thung
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Viola.AI - The First Blockchain-Powered Relationship Registry (REL-Registry) & Lifelong AI Love Advisor, Restoring Trust in the USD800 Billion Love Industry

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