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Viola.AI Update #16

7 May 2018

Greetings Viola.AI Community,

Welcome to Viola.AI Weekly Newsletter!

As always, we are always available to answer your questions and take your feedback or suggestions. Feel free to connect with us in any of our official channels below:

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Community Updates

New Videos to Illustrate Viola.AI and its use cases!

It’s been an exciting progress for the project once we announce and introduce our new concept, REL-Registry to our community. The feedback has been very positive and we truly believe that Viola.AI can restore trust and transparency back to the love industry with our ID and relationship verification, complemented by evolving Love AI with its Recommendations engine.

Click below to watch the video

Do check out our website, whitepaper, and 1-page summary of our project available at

To easily illustrate how Viola.AI works, watch our latest video here.

Click the PLAY button to watch the video

If you are single,
you can use Viola.AI to:

  • Get curated matches who are verified as single on Rel-Registry
  • Search for potential date’s relationship status on Rel-Registry with VIOLET tokens
  • Get helpful dating advice to increase your chances of success from AI Love Advisor
  • Arrange your dates and buy gifts for your date with VIOLET tokens

Watch the use-case for singles in this video.

Click the PLAY button to watch the video

If you are in a relationship,
you can use Viola.AI to:

  • Declare your status as ‘In a relationship’ to show your love to your partner
  • Marry on the Blockchain via Rel-Registry anywhere and anytime with open and immutable Marriage Smart Contract
  • Get curated recommendations to romance your loved one from AI Love Advisor
  • Get helpful relationship advice to maintain and improve your relationship from AI Love Advisor

Watch the use-case for couples in a relationship in this video.

Click the PLAY button to watch the video

If you are married,
you can use Viola.AI to:

  • Declare your love and commitment on the Blockchain via Rel-Registry with open and immutable Marriage Smart Contracts
  • Create customised love agreements with VIOLET tokens
  • Get curated recommendations to romance your spouse from AI Love Advisor
  • Receive helpful marriage advice to keep a strong and happy marriage from AI Love Advisor

Watch the use-case for married couples in this video.

Click the PLAY button to watch the video

Latest Articles from Viola.AI Blog

How CEO and Co-Founder Violet reacts to the latest news on Facebook Dating: “I’m excited to hear the news this morning that Facebook just unveiled the plan to launch a dating service. It makes sense, as there are over 200 million users registered as singles on the platform, and there are huge opportunities for matches and connections to happen! I’m also happy to hear that they share the same goal as us at Lunch Actually Group, which is to create long-term relationships, and not focused just on hookups…” Read the full statement here.

Love and blockchain might seem like a unique marriage at first, but that’s precisely the union that has ushered in the launch of Viola.AI. Can Viola.AI decentralize love? A look into romance and marriage on blockchain. Read the full story on Coin Insider here.

Viola.AI started out 14 years ago with a vision to be the world’s most effective dating service. Seven years ago, they launched an online hybrid matching service. Four years ago, they launched Lunch Actually Academy, an education arm to help singles improve their first impressions and dating skills. Two years ago, they launched LunchClick dating app that focused on bringing singles from online to offline (face-to-face) date. Read the full article written by our community member here.

Video review of Viola.AI REL-Registry by our community member on 28 Apr. Watch it here.

To all our Russian Community Members, here’s a Video Review of REL-Registry (Russian Version) for your viewing, created by our community member on 28 April. Watch it here.

Viola.AI In The Media

This week, catch Viola.AI in the wide range of media!

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Global Dating Insights

Meet Our New Community Managers from US and UK!

Let’s welcome our new Community Manager in UK who has just joined the Viola.AI Team — to help us build the brand and to grow our UK Community: Mark! Read his profile here.

Catch Mark on: (at)MachMark2 on Telegram

And our Community Manager in US who will also be playing a key role in managing and growing the community in US: Paul! Read his profile here.

Catch Mark on: (at)PaulBultman on Telegram

Calling Viola.AI Supporters in Korea, Vietnam and Japan! If you would like to join our passionate team of Community Managers to make a difference in people’s lives, read more about the job description and how you can apply here!

Have any feedback about this weekly newsletter? Email us at :)

Christina Thung
on behalf of Viola.AI Team




Viola.AI - The First Blockchain-Powered Relationship Registry (REL-Registry) & Lifelong AI Love Advisor, Restoring Trust in the USD800 Billion Love Industry

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