Weekender Campaign: World Cup Craze by Viola.AI Community Managers

Are you watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup this weekend?

Greetings to all our Community Members!

Our Weekender Campaign is back!

While some of you may have been laser-focused in watching the 2018 FIFA Worldcup, why not spend a few minutes of your time with us over the weekend as we introduce our own version of ‘Teams’ supported by their built ‘Fan Zones’ – a community with a heart.

There’s only one ‘Destination’ – the Viola.AI Telegram Group Account

The ‘Matches’ have been identified. Two groups of men who all came together despite individual differences, and yet with common mission of changing the world, one relatioship at a time.

Join the Community Managers of Viola.AI as they shake the ‘Stadium’ to help billions of people find what they deserve – love and happiness for all.

Catch them LIVE at the comfort of your smartphones!


Saturday, 23 June | 9PM-12AM Singapore Time (UTC+08)

  • Jay 🇮🇳
  • Mark 🇬🇧


Sunday, 24 June | 9PM-12AM Singapore Time (UTC+08)

  • Moha 🇩🇪
  • Heedo 🇰🇷
  • Paul 🇺🇸

Our CM in 🇨🇦, Eric, will be supporting us too in running these weekend activities.

Surprise Token Rewards. Fun Activities. Non-Stop Learning and Interaction.

These and more in our Weekender Campaign, only here for the Viola.AI Community!

#ViolaAI 💜 #ToTheMoon 🚀

Lots of LOVE from Singapore to the World,

F R E D D I E | L A C O R T E
Head of Community Management, Viola.AI
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Help billions of people find love and happiness.

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