Winners of the ‘Top 20 Leaderboard’ Announced

Who have brought in the most number of Successful Referrals? Let’s find out!

To the Viola.AI Community,

While the Public Sale has ended on 31 July, at 8PM SGT, we are pleased to announce the winners of our Referral Program’s Top 20 Leaderboard.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you who have spent time and expressed utmost support in the ICO journey, esp. by referring your friends to Viola.AI.

Viola.AI rewards the Top 20 Referrers (whitelisted members) of our Community who have brought in the most number of Successful Referrals — friends with approved KYCs and have signed up thru the referrers’ Unique Referral Links.

(Drum roll please…)

The Top 20 Leaderboard Winners are…

1st Prize Winner of 5000 VIOLET tokens + one ledger
Oleg Kitaiskiy

2nd Prize Winner of 3000 VIOLET tokens + one ledger
Jeremy Wong

3rd Prize Winner of 2000 VIOLET tokens + one ledger
Aleh Dvaretski

4th to 7th Prize Winners of 1500 VIOLET tokens
Dominick Martino (4th)
Khurram Islam (5th)
Vinh Phan (6th)
Andra Radovan (7th)

8th to 11th Prize Winners of 1000 VIOLET tokens
Prosper Okemuo (8th)
Andrei Costescu (9th)
Joern Schillmann (10th)
Rudy Hadisentosa (11th)

12th to 15th Prize Winners of 800 VIOLET tokens
Davide Lombardi & Changwoo Son (both at the 12th spot)
Mohammad Abu-El-Izz (13th)
Nils Petersdorf & Amal Chamara Pushpa Kumara (both at the 14th spot)
Vishnudas P & Maurizio De Simone (both at the 15th spot)

16th to 20th Prize Winners of 500 VIOLET tokens
Nur Rifai & Andreja Raspovic (both at the 16th spot)
Quince Wong, Patrick Verloo & Derek MacDonald (all at the 17th spot)
Vusumuzi Richard Mthembu & Oleg (both at the 18th spot)
Mnoneleli Mathongo, Vadims Kovalovs & Onishchenko Aleksandr (all at the 19th spot)
Paul Angus & Atoyebi Olalekan (both at the 20th spot)

Important Notes

  1. Members who ranked on the same spots will get their allocated prizes and would not split (Eg. If two referrers ranked at #12, two of them should receive 800 VIOLET tokens EACH).
  2. The Token Rewards (based on the ranking above) will be recorded on your Dashboard not later than 10 Aug.
  3. In each purchase made by every ‘Successful Referral’, both the referrer and referree (friends), are both entitled to 5% Referral Bonus based on the friend’s amount of contribution.
  4. To the 1st-3rd Prize Winners, please send us an email at indicating your rank and name, together with you preferred (complete) mailing address where we can send your ledger.


Distribution of Top 20 Prizes of VIOLET tokens and 5% Referral Bonuses: All referral bonuses and token rewards will be paid out to eligible participants and referred friends 60 days after the end of ICO. 60 days lock-down period applies.

All Earned Tokens (the Referral Bonus) from the Referral Program are reflected under the Bonus Tokens History on the Dashboard.

The Referral Bonuses can also be checked under My Referrals section on the Dashboard (Tokens Earned). Successful Referrals with no tokens purchased are shown as ‘0’.

Thank you once again for your participation. Congratulations to all our winners!

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From Singapore to the World,

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