Vio Progress Update (20/08):

Vio App Platform:

Vio App release (v1.0.8) is currently live. Update your current app to view the enhanced UX

New UX features include Request funds functionality (Send, View, Respond to requests) and addition of Profile Picture.

The next app release will occur at the end of September (30/09), after which time the wallet Vio will then be dominated in ETH. You will not be able to access any Vio tokens from the wallet once that is done.

Vio wallet to be powered by ETH

The launch the Vio platform will now be powered directly by Ethereum (ETH) for both Top-up and Transfers. This ensures that we can still launch the platform in the current state and start building up a user base.

The current app backend is currently being rebuilt to configure the wallet securely to ETH.

As the VIO token becomes more liquid and can sustain fiat settlement requirements we will add VIO back to the platform.

Expected release date: end September

N.B: If you have any VIO tokens in the Vio wallet, please remove them accordingly. All VIO tokens should now be transferred off the Vio wallet and stored separately.


In addition to exchange to Visa cards, we are currently engaging with partners to enable multiple cash-out methods. These include:

- Exchange to mobile wallet

- Airtime Top-up

- Bill pay

The current delay in implementation is due to pci certification of the api connections with the bank partner. The certification process normally takes up to 6months and the bank partner has already completed the review process and is awaiting their certification. This is expected to take another month to receive the pci certificate.

Expected release date: end September

NB: The initial roadmap for Vio including launching in just 4 countries. In the current updated roadmap we are now working towards launching across 19 countries and 240 banks. We therefore need to test every country and across every type bank issued card in those countries. This must be done to ensure the platform works as intended when launched.

Multi-currency wallet

For phase 2 of the Vio platform we will also look at adding additional digital currencies to power the platform. These may include Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB) and Stellar (XLM).


Vio team