Democratization of production

The industrial revolution will change the economy and the social welfare. The progression of the democratization in the production sector will help every citizen to evolve his product.


The first major change will take place in the manufacturing sector because of the economic evolve you don’t need a factory anymore to produce a product.

In plain language, whoever who want to implement a product is standing at the beginning before one question:

To manufacture it by your own or to let it produce in a factory?“

Whoever is facing this question quickly recognize both bring their advantages and disadvantages.

So the self-production demonstrates in practice only as profitable if there aren’t high production volumes otherwise the piece-cost of the 3D printer is no longer covered.

The method to let it produce turns out in the two disciplines as viable even smaller production volumes can still be produced at affordable prices even in larger production quantities the costs are well covered because the existing production workshop cope better with high capacities.

If you sell unique 3D creations from your home its better if you produce the pieces at home because of the rentable time saving.

In the next years this working system will change because of the rising production cost in the outland and the decreasing cost in the 3D printer production.


The citizen who wish to market a product can do this completely independent of the banks.

This is happening today in so far that the investment is no longer dependent on a bank loan nowadays you can choose a private investor of at least 50% of the fund to finance the product or you select the crowdfunding solution which works with a lot of investors at once who „buy & pay“ your product at the beginning.

With the crowdfunding the entrepreneur has the option to present his product on a site to showcase his best possible description of the functions and the specification.

This method also requires a well-designed market-based analysis because on the platform a minimum investment must be specified in advance.

If this sum is not reached the investors get all their money back. Once the product has reached the desired amount the entrepreneur receives a few months time to produce the product and ship it to the investors.

Now at this point we can see if the calculation was correct. The downside of this method would be a miscalculation which means that the entrepreneur must pay the rest from his own money.