The humane digital

Evolution of human society

This article aims to prove that “IoT” is no “phenomenon”. It’s just part of the natural development of the human society. A society which is about ten thousand years old and has often proven itself in time or almost destroyed itself. Humans describe the positive experiences of the world as “phenomenon” and the negatives as a “disaster”.

During my research into the fundamentals of the evolution of the human society. I came to the thesis that this development is planned, structured and adapted to certain periods. Following this, Internet of Things represents a new stage in the human history. Is “IoT” a phenomenon or just a genuine future disaster?

Time for Evolution

Time? What is time? Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and therefore the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them. We can not talk about this development or “phenomenon” without recognizing the right time for that. Because we can not think ahead of time from our experience.

Time is physical, philosophical, biological, sociological and it changes itself. Time is the reason for evolution. Evolution explains the change of the characteristics of a population over generations through selection. Due to the overwhelming influence that the human species has on our planet, the human being recently has become an important selection factor.

What about the people?

If you think about what makes people so extraordinary, there is an interesting list of attributes and activities in mind- both positive and negative. From the existence of consciousness to the freewill decision of belief to the ability to imagine something — these qualities distinguish us from other species.

Time is has made people so special and extraordinary. With small steps and a lot of mistakes, man has managed to become a dictator on a whole entire planet. The time and the people are the reason for all the “phenomenons” and “disasters” in our history.

Humans and their needs

Why do most of us go to work every day? What do we want to achieve with it? Is it only about to obtain our food, to procreate ourselves and is it because we want to buy as many items as possible, hold shares of companies, make a career, go down in history, to apose our will on others?

Human needs have changed trought history. 3000 years ago, people have had simple needs — food, clothing, sleeping. Now, they need freedom, human rights, self-determination, privacy, data protection and smart devices.

Time for things

Time is the reason why we have all these items. And the human beings are an important selection factor. Time and human needs change and the objects have to adapt to this development, because people need these products, as they are, in this time period.

Humans have developed in time of their existence, many “phenomenons” accrued. Such as the lightbulb and it has adapted to every time period up to today when we have LIFX (the smartest light bulb. It’s wifi-enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb that you can control with your iPhone or Android. LIFX gives you unprecedented control of your lights, Reduces your energy costs, lasts up to 25 years and delivers an amazing range of experiences).

Internet of Things — (Re) evolutionary

We find ourselves in the Time of “Internet of Things” . After 1,2, and 3 industrial revolution comes the time of “ smart goods” that are made to support people imperceptibly in their activities. Is this support of products and goods a “phenomenon” ? Is it necessary? Why do we need that? Or is this so-called “phenomenon” the end of our evolution?

If human society can no longer evolve, then comes the time for “disasters”. “Disasters” in which the time changes and society does not. Unnoticeable support makes the Humane Digital a Digital Human.

People like to use words like “phenomenon” or “disasters”, to free themselves of responsibility. However, time is a phenomenon and the main reason for the human being’s “IoT” experience. The evolution of our society is natural and it is following a certain algorithm: IoT is a product of the industrial (re)evolution. The Industrial (re)evolution is a product of people. And people are a product of the evolution on Earth. Evolution itself is a product of time.