Call for scientists and health professionals to provide COVID analysis on breaking news

With our entire economy and way of life at a near standstill from COVID-19, and one person dying in the US every 30-60 seconds during peak outbreaks, people are desperate for accurate news and information they can trust. But in a deeply divided political and emotionally charged environment, is it possible to receive objective information? Can we ever get the straight story without political bias?

Today, we are announcing a call for scientists, health professionals, and associated content experts to contribute to Viral Feedback, a non-profit, non-partisan platform for scientists, health professionals, and associated content experts to provide high quality and data driven analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19-related news reports, government actions, breaking scientific papers, and other media.

This analysis is provided by writing annotations as a layer over original articles to provide additional context, validate claims, or provide data to demonstrate that a statement is poorly supported by current scientific expertise. Through a new web standard using open source technology, these annotations are visible in context.

This model and its underlying technology are already in use within the climate science community at which has been using to annotate climate-related research and news coverage since 2014.

Science is an evolving process. What we know today may change based on what we learn tomorrow. Viral Feedback strives to bring current scientific perspectives to social media and news stories based on the most recent data and emergent findings.

If you are a qualified scientist or doctor who would like to write to improve the public’s understanding and response to COVID-19 by providing non-partisan analysis, we would love to hear from you.

You can sign up to volunteer by filling out this google form.

Examples of annotations that address common questions including the following:

Is COVID-19 worse than the seasonal flu? How bad really is COVID-19?

What do we know about vaccines?

Do masks work?

Are lockdowns worth it?

How is COVID linked to mental illness?

Should we let the virus infect the young while protecting the old or wait for a vaccine?

Is the false positive rate of PCR skewing the pandemic data?

What is the role of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in the pandemic?

Does hydroxychloroquine work?

How does immunity to COVID-19 work?

Did COVID-19 exist before 2019?

How many unidentified cases of COVID-19 exist?

Interested in learning more? Check out the blog!

Viral Feedback

Providing scientific perspectives on public information regarding COVID-19.

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