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COVID-19 hit the world and none of our lives have been the same since. Because we have all been affected, everyone has a perspective about how the situation should or could have been handled differently. In addition to this, we have all been affected differently. Some people have loved ones that died. Others are caring for the sick and dying. Others have not seen the death because the virus has not hit their area hard yet, and they are suffering more from the stress of isolation and financial hardship of closed businesses. Additionally, people come from varied levels of understanding what the virus is, what is possible, and what is not. This kaleidoscope of perspectives makes finding the reality of the COVID-19 situation murky.

Understanding the pandemic in full requires expertise from a wide range of scientific disciplines: virology, immunology, molecular biology, epidemiology, as well as medicine, public health, statistics, and others. There is new information being learned every day, but it needs to be interpreted within the proper context. Many facts, when taken out of context, can lead to confusion, making it difficult to answer even basic questions about health and safety. At the same time, science is a continuous process that can take time to generate sufficient evidence to reach a single conclusion, and therefore more than one answer may be possible.

Viral Feedback is a community of scientists, health professionals, and associated content experts with a shared goal of providing high quality and data driven analysis, in the form of annotations, of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19-related news reports, government actions, breaking scientific papers, and other media.

Several questions emerge in the COVID-19 conversation with people on several sides of the debate. Annotations written by scientists/doctors on articles related to each question are linked below. Hopefully these annotations will help you see the full color scale of the arguments and help you sort through what is true and what is not!

Is COVID-19 worse than the seasonal flu? How bad really is COVID-19?

Are masks effective?

Are lockdowns worth it?

Should we let the virus infect the young while protecting the old or wait for a vaccine?

Is the false positive rate of PCR skewing the pandemic data?

What is the role of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in the pandemic?

Does hydroxychloroquine work?

How does immunity to COVID-19 work?

Did COVID-19 exist before 2019?

How many unidentified cases of COVID-19 exist?

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