Growth Hacking for Startups

As somebody might know, we are looking for a growth hacker for our startup

Not because we can’t do ourselves. However.

What is that mysterious “growth hacking” job. I have decided to do a series of posts how to do it — for myself and for you to follow up.

First, let’s talk about why we do it. The price of every young startup is in fact just the expectation of the future revenue/profit. I have talked to numerous aspiring founders and they are usually puzzled, what is the valuation of the startup in the beginning.

Duh! Simple, dude. The valuation of the startup today if what it will make next year and year after that and so on. That what is known as discounted future cash flow at business schools. But it is easy (huh!) for a business student, there is a cash flow today, projections, etc. What do you know about your startup next year? Basically nothing!

Wrong! You have your user growth, this is your most important metric for today. And this is why we will talk about growth hacking. We can do it and you can too.

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