Why? Seriously, why?

We are often asked, why we have started our own 360 VR cloud service, when you can post your 360 panoramas to FB, Google, host it on your own site, etc.

And every question has it’s own answer inside that question. If you have posted it to GoogleStreets, is there any easy way to share it on FB? Or if you have posted it on FB, can you have create 360 tour, not just a standalone panorama? Can I hear you? Please, anybody? No one ?

And what about sound? You know, a human being has more than 1 way to feel the world around, and FB and Google do not provide a way to include your sound.

So, what about other 3rd party services? We have checked them out and in our opinion, all of them are missing something important. Some do not provide a way to store panoramas and reuse them in different tours (or just store), some do not have maps, some are simply outdated and still using Flash (ouch!). So, yeah, we said YEAH, we want something BETTER.

And this is how it had started. Do you want to see if we are better? Try! And let us know. And, btw, the PRO account is going free till the end of the month.

Try it here

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