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Algorithm City — NFT, DeFi, DAO which one will truly trigger the future of digital economy life?

Hosted by ZMQ and VirgoX, Whale and Jinse Finance as co-host of “Algorithm City” Shenzhen offline Meetup on 21st of Nov at 2 PM in Shenzhen IDG sports incubation center, we are very honoured to invite eight projects in the field of NFT and DeFi: The Whale, Flow, Dego, The Sandbox, BCA, RioDeFi, RSK and xDeFi, surround the topic of NFT, DeFi and DAO which one will really set off the future of digital economy life. Thanks to the consensus Lab, NOVA, SatoshiVC, Happyblock and other capital incubation institutions, as well as the media, support such as Beep, ChainForce, Coinvoice, Tuoluo Caijing, PANEWS, BlockGlobe and Coingecko.

Overview: Blockchain will give a completely different logic of the social system, composed of digital identity, digital assets, a decentralized autonomous organization to construct the network, whether digital citizens’ “real assets” will be replaced by “virtual assets”. In digital space and time, can NFT make “personal data”, “art”, “real assets” be approved, quantized or tradable? Whether DeFi allows global users to freely, safely, fairly and transparently participate in financial scenarios; Will DAOs allow participants from different cultures, backgrounds and identities to make decisions easily and efficiently for their shared targets or values?

NFT, DeFi, DAO which one will really blow up the lives of future digital citizens. Will the algorithm city constructs by blockchain distributed network be a hopeless city that full of confinement and out of control or a city with the hope that full of fantasy and joy.

Let’s discuss it together!

Time: 2:00–6:00pm Nov 21.

Location: IDG sports incubation center,Nanshan,Shenzhen,China

Attendees: 100


- NFT/DeFi/DAO high-quality projects

- Sit and talk about DAO and opinions collision.

- KOLs, investors, developers and quality guests.

- Market, art exhibition, auction and souvenirs etc.

Enjoy! Have fun and buy! Come and get the gifts with your luck!


14:00–14:30 Sign in

14:30–15:00 Introduction of the organizer, ZMQ and VirgoX

15:00–17:00 NFT/DeFi/DAO projects

— Whale: An Ecological Index in NFT field, Miao Beecrypto&Whale China

— Flow: Why does composability matter? The Big Migration, Dieter Shirley, The CTO of Dapper Labs and The Chief Architect of Flow

— The NFT’s spoiler, DEGO, the black Slipper Lee DEGO China

— Introduce The Sandbox, Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-founder at The Sandbox

— BCA: NFT Links future, Artistic Imagination of crypto world, Lou Ziwei BCA COO

— RioDeFi: Introduction to RIOdeFi’s ecosystem,James Anderson,RioDeFi CEO

— RSK: Building the Future Financial System on BTC, Head of VIVI RSK China

— Open finance: Principle, evolution and future. Turbulence Wang xDeFiLabs founder

17:00–18:00 Networking

Moderator:Lijuan Xiao, Jinse Finance

Algorithm city market:

1. NFT artwork exhibition and on-site auction.

2. Display and sell souvenirs.

3. Display the branding materials, prizes and punch in lucky draw.

4. Tea time.

Join us now!







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