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CAKE Wins the Voting Contest and Joins the VirgoX Vault

Dear users,

We are delighted to announce the winner of the 5th edition voting contest is CAKE.

This round of the voting competition has received widespread participation and the unique votes of 174 participants. CAKE has received 137 votes, outperforming its contenders and winning the contest, and will be added to the VirgoX Vault.

Attention voters! There has been an update in the voting campaign rules, and moving forward all the community members that take part in the voting events shall qualify to share the 2000 VXT prize pool. As we have already collected the participants’ ID, the rewards will be distributed directly to your VirgoX Exchange accounts.

Results, across all platforms and regions, are as follow:

  • CAKE 137 Votes
  • HT 24 Votes
  • BCH 6 Votes
  • LTC 7 Votes

Thank you for your participation and support.

About the VirgoX Vault

The VirgoX Vault is a novel product launched by VirgoX. It supports both BSC & HECO chains, has ultra-high APY single token mining pools, and no lock-ups at all.

Through VirgoX Vault, you may stake & play one-click without complex wallets and smart contracts processes. Low threshold and high comfort. VirgoX utilizes the staked assets for DeFi mining on the users’ behalf. We will use all the generated profits to repurchase and burn VXT. In addition, you may redeem funds at any time, without any freezing period.

  • VirgoX Vault initially launched 7 pools, including BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC, BUSD, HUSD, and VXT, featuring high APY & stable incomes.
  • All profits from the Vault will be used to repurchase and burn $VXT.
  • TVL and APY are updated in real-time, usage of the user funds and revenue data is accessible at any time on-chain.
  • Easy to use & no lockups.
  • Supports both BSC and HECO chain deposits & withdrawals.
  • As single token pools, VirgoX Vault pools don’t incur impermanent losses.

Mining process:

  1. The users stake supported tokens one-click;
  2. The VirgoX platform uses the staked tokens for DeFi mining on the users’ behalf;
  3. The VirgoX platform uses DeFi mining profits to repurchase and burn VXT;
  4. The users earn $VXT & enjoy a high APY rate, and may withdraw the rewards and principal at any time.

Risk Reminder:

  1. Financial products always incur uncertain risks. Please consider factors such as asset selection, market trends, and your own risk tolerance. Please make a prudent decision when participating, and allocate your assets reasonably;
  2. VirgoX will continue to follow up on the progress of the selected DeFi projects. If the profit drops, the platform will switch to the other mining pools, select other tokens or settle the revenues in advance according to the situation;
  3. VirgoX is not responsible for asset losses caused by other risks such as contract vulnerabilities, hacks, and/or rug pulls.

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