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What is The VirgoX Vault and How to Earn Passive Income with It?

The Vault

VirgoX adds value to the ever-growing DeFi world by providing a trading venue for complete DeFi protocols with high potentials. We actively source various existing and future DeFi protocols, allowing users to deposit assets in one place and earn the best possible yields without fussing about the steep learning curve. The VirgoX Vault saves crypto holders tremendous time and allows users to enjoy a very competitive APY, all in one click.

The Pools

We launched the VirgoX Vault in March 2021 with seven pools, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, HUSD, BUSD, BNB, and have now extended this list to a handful of pools. Our clients can put their assets at work for them and earn high APYs receiving VXT. For all the assets the clients deposit with us, we optimize allocations to various DeFi projects, and the yields from that are 100% used to repurchase VXT.

We also give full transparency to the community. We published the mining contracts address and the VXT burning addresses. This way, you will fully know where your asses are and whether VXT has been repurchased and burned.

The DeFi field is very efficient in putting the asset at work. The early stage of DeFi requires substantial focus and skills from the people who use DeFi not to have security and investment risks. The value VirgoX Vault is here to help users avoid the risks, filter the shady projects, and ensure the capital is as safe as possible while the yields are as optimized as much as possible.

How to start earning passive income?

  1. Register an account at VirgoX here!
  2. Deposit your favorite asset in VirgoX. To see a complete list of supported tokens, visit our Vault’s homepage.
  3. Find the corresponding pool and input the amount to use for the farm. Then, click [Farm now].


  • You will be able to harvest (collect your earnings) every 30 seconds.
  • There are no locks on the assets so that you can redeem them at any time on the same page.

Strategies for the Vault

Depending on the risk profile of every person, we can apply different strategies when joining the Vault to earn passive incomes. We would like to note here that the risks associated with the Vault itself are minimal and that most of the critical decision-making processes are related to the expected market price of the assets.

Stablecoin strategies

Alice has part of her USDT savings sitting on an exchange wallet without any specific plans to make them work for her.

Alice can deposit all these idle USDT in the VirgoX Vault and start earning $VXT, with an APY of 13% at the time of writing. As Alice holds a stablecoin, she will not be affected by any market movements or negative externalities; her money is now working for her. She earns a good amount of $VXT that can be redeposited in the VXT pool to make even more!

If Alice farms enough VXT, she could even become a community node and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Cryptocurrencies strategies

Bob holds BTC, ETH, and MATIC on an exchange wallet without short/mid-term plans to sell. These assets are sitting on the wallet and not producing any extra benefits for Bob, besides the potentially positive market movements that might cause a surge in price.

Bob can deposit the cryptos he holds in the VirgoX BTC, ETH, and MATIC pools, as all three assets are supported. Bob will be affected by market movements anyways as he initially planned, but he will also be getting a nice amount of extra income in the form of VXT.

Same as Alice, he can redeposit the earnings in the VXT pool to earn even more! Also, if Bob farms enough VXT, he could become a community node and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Mixed strategies

Charlie holds a handful of cryptocurrencies, including USDT and USDC stablecoins and other cryptos such as BTC, ETH, ZIL, and TRX. These assets are sitting on the wallet and not producing any extra benefits for Charlie, besides the potentially positive market movements that might cause a surge in price.

Charlie’s case is slightly different from Alice and Bob’s, as the VirgoX Vault only supports some of the assets he holds. Here, Charlie will have to decide what is more beneficial for him.

  • Charlie can convert all the cryptos he holds into a stablecoin such as USDT and follow the same strategy as Alice.
  • Charlie can convert all the crypto he holds into cryptos that the VirgoX Vault supports, including BTC, ETH, MATIC, and others, and deposit them in the corresponding pool.
  • Charlie can convert the cryptos that are not supported into cryptos that are supported or stablecoin and deposit the different assets in the corresponding pools.
  • Charlie doesn’t convert the tokens that are not supported and only deposits the ones that are.

We believe that putting the assets as work is the most intelligent strategy that Charlie and any other holder can follow, especially when he plans to hold for the long term. The first three strategies are the best choices for maximizing the passive income that Charlie can earn; however, Charlie might want to hold the unsupported tokens anyways.

Most of the clients who join the Vault will face similar difficulties in decision-making as our fictional character Charlie. We hope that this guide will help you decide and guide you to start earning passive incomes with VirgoX now!

About VirgoX

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VirgoX provides extensive stablecoin trading pairs and incubates stablecoin projects from early stages. With its complete ecosystem ranging from spot & contract trading, lending, payments & remittance, VirgoX is able to offer sustainable values to global stablecoin projects and traders. VirgoX consistently innovates new product offerings in the rapidly evolving industry to accommodate users’ needs.

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