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Virima adds new features to ITAM asset discovery tool

This article was originally published here on December 05, 2017.

Virima Technologies, an innovator in data center transformation (DCT) and IT operations management (ITOM), continues to help enterprises take the guesswork out of managing today’s complex IT environments with the addition of two significant features to Virima, its enterprise-level ITAM and ITSM tool

First, Virima’s agentless discovery of network devices via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has been enhanced to include Windows, Unix, and Linux servers as well as other SNMP enabled systems. Now, more device types and their attributes can be inventoried without the need for administrative authentication credentials. This reduces the time required to configure and run the scans which means faster results with less effort.

The second new feature to ITAM Asset Discovery is improved visualization of asset relationships and application dependencies, with multiple levels of detail and filtering options. Virima now presents relationship and dependency results in three view modes:

Relationship mode

Shows what’s-connected-to-what, and how devices are related to each other. Relationship mode also shows the relationship between software and hardware, as well as between network and data center infrastructure, all in a single view.

Communication mode

This mode displays which hardware assets are talking to each other, and in what direction.

Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) mode

With ADM, users can understand all of their application’s dependencies, and how each application is communicating with other applications in their network or data center.

The new view modes also allow enhanced filtering capabilities, allowing users to view the activity in the modes by stream direction, relationship, blueprint, location, tags and IP addresses.

Says Virima Chief Technology Officer SreeRam Royyala “With the expansion of SNMP discovery for servers and the new visualizations, Virima continues to provide operations teams and application owners the level of information they need in order to know what’s-connected-to-what and what’s-dependent-on-what in their networks and data centers.”

A hands-on demonstration of Virima and the new features are available at

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Virima is a SaaS platform that solves your toughest IT operations management and reporting challenges. Learn about the various IT challenges IT Asset Discovery, App & Service Dependency Mapping, IT Asset Management, Build a CMDB, Change Management etc.

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