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Sending Documents

Normally, when we have to send documents to somebody, we have one of the following two methods:

  1. Send documents by email or
  2. Print and send documents by courier

which can be depicted pictorially, as below.

Sending the Documents

What if the Receiver

  • Is not Internet / Computer savvy
  • Doesn’t have a printer
  • Has a printer but not with many features
  • No colour printing
  • Low quality inkjet printer
  • Can’t do book printing
  • Can’t print both sides (automatically)
  • Is at a far off place and costs high to send by courier

What if the Sender

  • Has no printer to send physical documents
  • Is travelling and has no access to printer

To address these and many more scenarios smoothly, Virphy is the anwer.

What’s Virphy?

Virphy is a service that facilitates sending of documents between the digital divide, as illustrated below.

Virphy the Documents

When you Virphy the documents, for the sender, it’s like sending an email, but for the receiver they receive nicely printed physical documents. Virphy,

  • Saves the hassles of having a printer and maintaining it
  • Provides high quality laser printouts at a very reasonable costs including colour printing
  • Saves the hassles of going and hand-off to the courier guy
  • Provides options to send by different means of delivery (POST , SPEED POST, COURIER)
  • For bulk mailing simplifies the entire process as sender only sends emails irrespective of what user preference is to receiver email or printed documents

Currently you can only send PDF documents thru Virphy.

How Virphy Works

Virphy is a cloud based service that you can access from anywhere by visiting the URL: To use the service, normally both the Sender and Receiver have to be registered users.


  • Visit Virphy portal
  • Sign-Up by specifying a valid sender email address
  • Login into My Virphy Portal
  • Verify the sender email address using the codes sent to the specified sender email address
  • Send documents (By Composing an Email on the portal) to registered or unregistered receivers to have them delivered in printed form


  • Visit Virphy portal
  • Sign-Up (need a valid mobile number as a token is sent to verify the receiver mobile number. The mobile need not be a smart phone, as all the Virphy workflows are only based on SMS)
  • Communicate the special Virphy email ID (created during sign-up) to the senders from whom you want to receive hard copy documentation.

Want to try out:

  • Visit Virphy portal
  • Use Express Send (need a valid email ID of the sender, as a token is sent to verify the sender email address)
  • Compose an email specifying the documents to be sent to a registered or unregistered receiver
  • Pay for the transaction
  • Virphy will deliver the printed documents to the receiver

Benefits of Signing-Up :

  • Don’t have to enter sender and/or receiver details every time documents are sent
  • You can transact without needing to visit Virphy portal, from the convenience of your email client on any device
  • You can send to multiple Virphy and non-virphy receivers together by sending one mail (while on the portal you can send to only one Virphy receiver at a time)

Charges & Payment:

  • The charges for the Virphy service consists of the following components:
  • Printing charges (varies based on various options that can be chosen for printing)
  • Delivery charges (varies based on the destination and the chosen mode of delivery)
  • Virphy service charges (on a per package basis)
  • Applicable taxes on the above
  • Virphy charges are based on a cost+ model and thus our bulk negotiations will benefit the customers
  • Virphy operates on a pre-paid model, where users are supposed to maintain a balance and the charges for each transaction are debited to the account from the balance
  • However when composing a mail on the My Virphy portal or using Express Send feature, sender has the option of paying for that specific transaction after knowing the charges for that transaction.

Virphy Features


In Virphy users can set various preferences, which are called Rules, as detailed below.

  • Print Rules ‐ sender can set Rules for printing, such as:
  • Colour or Black (default) printing
  • Print both sides (default) or only one side
  • Pages per side 1 (default), 2 or 4
  • Paper size ‐ A4 (default) or A3 (in the future)
  • Number of pages to print (0 means all pages)
  • Book printing (A5 size pages on A4 sheet)
  • Delivery Rules ‐ sender/receiver can set what mode of delivery (POST, SPEED POST, COURIER or PREMIUM COURIER) to be used when sending documents
  • Locally (within Bangalore where Virphy print and delivery centre is located)
  • Nationally (within India)
  • Regionally (within Asia)
  • Internationally (countries in other regions)
  • Other Rules
  • Sending Rules (applicable only if sender email is specified)
  • Can request for confirmation mail once the receiver got the documents and the same is informed to Virphy
  • Can associate alternate emails as aliases to the sender email, from where mails can be sent to the Virphy Emails (receivers) on behalf of the specified sender email.
  • Receiving Rules (applicable if the user is a paying account and enabled for paying as a receiver)
  • Can request to over-ride their method of delivery over the sender’s method of delivery
  • Can associate set of sender emails only from which can receive emails for processing and delivering the documents. This is to avoid spam deliveries, which is useful, especially in situations where sending user is not paying and the receiving user is paying.

Payment Method

  • Whoever is paying for the Virphy service for debiting their account for a transaction, has to upgrade themselves to be a Paying Account either during or after the registration process.
  • Once upgraded to be a Paying Account, can recharge their account to maintain certain balance that can be used to debit for the transactions
  • Virphy has a facility where one can pay to recharge other paying account users, as a convenience to facilitate payments for those who don’t have a mechanism to pay online.
  • Pay for Others is a very secure mechanism facilitating paying for other accounts
  • When composing on the portal or using Express Send sender can pay for that transaction alone
  • If there is insufficient balance in the account to debit and process a transaction, no worries, Virphy will put that job on HOLD and will inform how much to pay to process that transaction. Once that much amount is recharged into the account the job will get processed automatically and will be delivered.
  • Users can also make cheque payments to charge their accounts

Who Pays

  • Normally senders will pay (as it happens when sending documents by a courier)
  • However Receiver can chose to pay for certain senders (as configured by them) and receive hard copy documents.
  • In a situation that satisfy the following criteria, both sender and receiver will pay for a transaction:
  • Both sender and receiver are paying accounts
  • Receiver set a delivery method that is costlier than that of chosen by sender and wants to over-ride with their preference
  • This transaction is happening off the portal where sender is sending an email to the receiver
  • Sender pays all the charges as per their chosen method of delivery
  • Receiver pays the difference between their method of delivery and the sender’s method of delivery
  • Job will go on to HOLD if one of them doesn’t have sufficient balance in their accounts

Processing Rules

This is one of the very powerful feature of Virphy that will let receivers run following actions on the documents sent to their Virphy email ID before they are printed or sent by email.

  1. Remove password in the password protected PDF documents
  2. Rename the file to a more meaningful name
  3. ZIP each attachment in the mail
  4. ZIP all attachments in the mail to a single .zip file
  5. ZIP each/all attachments with a password
  6. Send the processed attachments as Email to a specified email ID

The above actions (as specified by the receiver) will be run in a sequence of steps where output of one step is taken as the input to the next step. If the last action in the sequence is sending an email and then those documents will not printed for physical delivery.

Just using action (1) above will let receivers print and deliver documents which are password protected, such as bank statements, telephone bill statements etc.

Virphy will provide more and more such actions in the future providing many processing possibilities for the users on the documents they receive. With this feature, Virphy delivery capability can be shown as below:

Virphy the Documents

Download PDF Version