Importance of UI/UX Design

Aashi Gupta


With the technological advancement in the 21st century, everybody wants to experience the best technology which is also visually appealing and engaging.

It is all about customer satisfaction! And, when it comes to your mobile application or website, most technology firms will tell you how the role of the applications’ UI and UX is as important as its development and testing process, for the success of your application.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards technology — Not the other way around.”

-Steve Jobs

So let us first recap the terms UI and UX Design.

UI- It is all about the ‘Appearance’

UX- It is all about the ‘Experience’

Now that we have looked into what UI and UX mean, let us move on to the importance of UI/UX design in delivering a product.

What is the importance of UI/UX design?

The balance between the functionality and UI/UX design of an application is hard to keep but that’s what is needed to be done.

Let us look at a few pointers below.

Brand Recognition

For a new business, the first impression creates a lasting impact on a user. When customers visit your app, they should be hooked to it immediately so that they come back to it again and again. An app with a good UI and UX has higher usage time. Hence, a good UI and UX designing can make or break the brand recognition.

Attracts Customers

As a saying goes, ‘A good teacher is the one that grabs and holds the attention of the students and then teaches the lessons.’ This saying is very apt in the case of UI/UX design as well. The design grabs the attention of the users and ensures that they spend as much time on the application as possible.

Customer Loyalty

Attractive applications have more users and it’s a fact. Apps like Instagram and Candy Crush have a great UI/UX, which has drawn millions of users to them. The satisfaction that comes from great user experience is what makes users loyal.

Increase in Sales

The primary goal of any business is to increase its sales and increase the growth of the business. UX/UI Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal. The UX/UI Design of the application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific application.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction : Improved ROI

A great design provides your customers with engaging content and easy navigation. This makes the customer satisfied with the services of your application. Satisfied clients will always recommend your app to others. This leads to an increase in customers. Besides, they will also become returning buyers hence increasing the ROI for your business.

Saves Time And Money

If you invest in a great Ul/UX design, there is a minimal chance that your clients will find any problem with your application. A perfect product will not need frequent upgrades and therefore saves you money and time you would have spent on developing an update.

UI/UX Design For Business Growth

UI and UX design largely focuses on the users’ satisfaction, but it also plays an important role in the business’ success.

From a business point of view, it is essential to emphasize on the customer satisfaction in order to build the brand value and reputation of the business. With IT being the competitive field, the need for a good UI/UX design to grab the consumers’ attention and revenue from the company’s products is quite crucial.

If the users are surfing your websites or using your applications, it is yours and your UI/UX designers’ responsibility to navigate them to their target in the most efficient way.


Let us summarize. The main reason why the design of user experience is important is that it inspires the user loyalty and makes repeating purchases much more probable. It is one of the most considerable factors that influence customer choice currently.

Pay attention to the UI/UX of your mobile app and web solution, hire our team of expert and highly trained designers to fulfill the vital tasks and watch how the number of the visitors grows and profits multiply!

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