Smooth Knowledge Transfer- Does it really matters in the BA profession?

Manoj Zingare


Run for Knowledge

Well, there is no proper definition for the word Smooth when it comes to transferring knowledge from one person or source to another. No one can transfer 100% of information from one source to another precisely. There are always gaps when you share some part of the information with others, either intentionally or naturally. Humans have a natural tendency to forget some parts of the information over course of time. When we start to explain things to another person there is always the possibility that we might have missed some part of that crucial information.

Well, here the point is not how well humans can retain things and transfer them to fellow members, but does gaps in sharing such information really affect the end result. Let's try to understand if there is something like gaps in knowledge transfer in the IT field. And is it really matter to have a smooth transfer of Knowledge when it comes to Business Analysis Field?

In the IT industry, it is very important to have complete information properly drafted in form of a Requirement Document as these requirement documents act as the Holy Bible upon which both the Client side and Development team agrees to work collectively to bring out the fruitful result. When a new Business Analyst in the field takes an ongoing project from the current Business Analyst, then it becomes very important for him to get complete information about this project right from requirement documents, client goals, and whatnot.

When requirements are documented for any particular project then, there are multiple sessions conducted between the client and BA to have a better understanding of project requirements. It is all about the skills of the BA to how well he drafts complete requirements in the requirement document. But there is always more information in the mind of BA than what has been documented. So when he transfers this information to the new BA then there are always chances of some part of the information might be diluted in this transaction.

When the BA misses out on some part of the requirement during Knowledge transfer or when the requirement documents itself is incompletely drafted, such instances adversely affect the end result of the process and may cause a delay in Project Completion. In the next Blog, I would try to draft all possible instances that might affect project productivity due to gaps in requirements KTs and will draft all possible answers to overcome such instances.