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Chad Sigler
May 4 · 3 min read

Details on usage of the Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot.

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Hello! Today I will be discussing our newly-released Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot. The Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot enables Automation Anywhere users to easily integrate Virtru Data Protection Platform into their automation workflows. The files created are compatible with the Virtru for Google Drive Chrome Extension.

Table of Contents


  • Protect files at the object-level with end-to-end encryption, so that no third parties — not even Automation Anywhere or Virtru — can access the automated data.
  • Automate the revocation, expiration, and sharing permissions of files, even after they’ve been shared, and audit access to these files wherever they travel.
  • Configure policies to detect, encrypt, and apply rights management controls to files processed via existing Automation Anywhere workflows.


Using the Virtru Data Protection Platform Bot for Automation Anywhere allows users to:

  • Encrypt Files
  • Decrypt Files
  • Add/Remove Users from Policies
  • Revoke/Enable Access to Policies
  • Add/Remove Watermark from Policies
  • All actions are audited
  • Access remediation


Installation is straight forward with no additional prerequisites other than Automation Anywhere. Steps to install are:

There are no additional steps to encrypt and have peace of mind that your most valuable asset, your data, is secure in transit and at rest, even on remote datastores like local storage, the cloud, or a partner.

Parameter Definitions

Policy Flags

  • revoke — Revoking a file prevents everyone on the policy from accessing the encrypted content
  • expire — Adds or removes a date and time that a policy will expire. Expire requires an ISO Date Time if it is enabled. (Requires Policy Flag Value)
  • oneclick — Adds the ability of a file to be encrypted but anyone can decrypt it.
  • disableforwarding — Removes the ability of an email to be forwarded. This applies to the management of an existing email.
  • watermark — Adds or removes the watermarking of a supported filetype. The watermark adds the email address of the recipient to the

Policy Flag Status

  • True — Enables or disables the Policy Flag in question.
  • False — Disables the Policy Flag in question.

Policy Flag Value

This parameter is not always used but applies to certain flags.

  • expire ISO 8601 Date Time This is the date and time the policy will expire and all data will become inaccessible until the expiration is removed or changed. Some Examples of expiration dates, UTC



The included Encrypt and Copy bot is used for this example.
Required Information:


The included Encrypt and Copy bot is used for this example.
Required Information:

Revoke a Virtru Encryption Policy

For this example, we will be walking through revoking a policy only having the file to retrieve the Virtru Encryption Policy Id.
Required Information:


I truly enjoyed working with Automation Anywhere and making this bot. Please reach out to or leave feedback about use cases and features that would help solve your security problems.

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