50 VR Professionals to keep an eye on for 2020

Tom Sharman
Jan 16 · 10 min read

Each year we release our annual alternative guide of VR professionals to follow. It’s a trend we at Virtual Umbrella started after seeing the same names pop up again and again.

The list has always aimed to be reflective and include names who have done impressive things over the previous months. This year, we’ve taken a slightly alternative approach to look forward at the upcoming year.

These fifty VR professionals we’ve compiled have amazing things planned for 2020, so make sure to follow them on Twitter and keep and eye out for their exciting work.

Suzanne Borders

Lynn Rosenthal

Nancy Baker Cahill

Galit Ariel

Morgan Mercer

Nell Waliczek

Anne Marie Enz

Ben Hylak

Anna Zhilyaeva

Ashley Pinnick

J Dakota Powell

Brian Wong

Curtis Hickman

Sadly Its Bradley

Unboxings, Playthroughs, Trailer reactions & more.

Darren Emmerson

Emily Olman

Soraya Jaber

Emily Smith

Julien Bergounhoux

Kyle Melnick

Adina Shanholtz

Denny Unger

Ray Soto

Tara Reddy

Di Dang

Guy Godin

Cory Corvus

Brannan Spiegal

Isabel Tewes

Amber Roy

Damon Hernandez

Jazmin Cano

Drash VR

Lars Bergstrom

Lauren Cason

Samantha Gorman

Andrew Nelson

Cy Wise

Vladamir Storm

Thomas Winsor

Viktorija Mickute

Amy Doherty

Dee Harvey

Ben Kreimer

Jaroslav Beck

Chloé Rochereuil

Manuel Clément

Rosie Summers

Chris Madsen

Kate Parkinson

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