VP | Week 2

“A rather conventional family ends up picnicking by a misty lake during their weekend trip. Their 5 years old kid runs downhill to catch his soccer ball before it hits the water and stumbles upon a floating corpse. What happens next will surprise you.”

Using Unreal Engine is definitely not easy. It was especially challenging for me trying to get used moving around the viewport using the WASD keys in order to get the right angle perspective. I followed the demo step by step, but I still have some issues placing and directing the lighting positions to create a misty atmosphere that I originally wanted. I tried using the BP_Sky_Sphere to make the sky slightly darker so that it would be more of a mysterious scene during sunset time, but somehow couldn’t make it work. I should definitely spend more time for the following week to learn more about the tools and really take my time to really understand them, but this week’s assignment was a good start for me to learn using the software.



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