I’ve been making this writing thing way too complicated

Linda Fode
Nov 4 · 1 min read

so for the next 30 days I’m experimenting with ’Just Musing’- sharing whatever is on my heart. Let’s see where it goes.

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba at Unsplash

The changes to the MPP left me discouraged, disillusioned and in doubt about writing.

I’m not alone.

I’ve been following the posts about the changes to MPP by my favourite writing mentors Shaunta Grimes, Shannon Ashley and my new favorite Sim Hos.

They all gave the same advice

Keep Writing

I can’t do anything about distribution. I can’t trick my readers into reading. Here are the things I can do.

I can trust the process.

I can write and publish every day.

I can format with excellence

• my title

• my image

• my text

• my takeaway

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Virtually yours


Virtually Yours

Thoughts From A Writer’s Heart

Linda Fode

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Writer,content creator,mentor and motivational speaker. Inspiring others to have a real relationship with God in their everyday lives.

Virtually Yours

Thoughts From A Writer’s Heart

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