What is the Business Benefit of Virtuoso?

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
Dec 2, 2018 · 5 min read
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Virtuoso’s fundamental value proposition to any enterprise is simply —

Market Leadership Discipline Optimization (MLDO) through Data–Driven Digital Transformation

Market Leadership Discipline comprises any or all of —

  • Product Innovation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Intimacy

Optimization is about calibrating the application of each discipline to various degrees of preference in pursuit of market identification and leadership.

For example, both Apple and Amazon initially focused primarily on Innovation as their chosen market leadership discipline, and over the years they’ve gradually increased emphasis on Operational Excellence.

Market Leadership Discipline Optimization (MLDO) Challenge

For every enterprise, without exception, Data Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Vulnerability (the “Five V’s of Data”) are the core challenges of any Data-Driven Digital Transformation endeavor aimed at MLDO.

Source: https://cdn2.slidemodel.com/wp-content/uploads/6857-01-value-discipline-model-2.jpg

Virtuoso provides any enterprise with a cost-effective solution for MLDO by providing a platform for humanizing data interactions and transforming data into intelligence, despite the ever-present challenges of the Five V’s.

Decision Maker and Domain Expert profiles leading Data-Driven Digital Transformation initiatives aimed at MLDO include:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Data/Digital Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Talent Officer

In essence, Virtuoso reduces the challenges of MLDO to the orchestration of a collection of software interaction activities that collectively encourage the enterprise into a virtuous cycle of surreptitious data curation and serendipitous discovery and sharing of relevant information. Even better, this cycle leads to an equilibrium of participation by Subject Matter Experts and Application Developers.

How does this work?

In a nutshell, Virtuoso reduces the unit of data access, interaction, integration, and management to a hyperlink.

This feat is achieved by reducing traditionally custom development and deployment of mission-critical enterprise solutions to the simple and well-understood pattern of Document Create, Save, and Share, i.e., an act of documentation comprising structured sentences and publication that manifests as a Semantic Web of Linked Data that’s understandable by both humans and smart digital agents (applications, applets, services, bots, etc.).

In this new approach to solution development and deployment, traditional runtime objects associated with object-oriented programming languages are no longer seated at the apex of the solution development abstraction hierarchy. They are displaced by platform-agnostic entity descriptions informed by ontologies and vocabularies (a/k/a Data Dictionaries); i.e., the critical unit of digital transformation is a collection of data dictionaries rather than object-oriented class library collections and database schemas that are respectively confined to a specific runtime environment or RDBMS.

How is Linked Data Created?

Linked Data is created by documenting business entities, entity types, and entity relationship types, in conformance with two basic principles:

  1. Identify everything, real or imagined, using a hyperlink (specifically, an HTTP URI).
  2. Describe everything using sentences with a hyperlink to identify the subject, the predicate, and, wherever possible, the object. (The object may also be identified using a natural language literal.)

These principles apply to the enterprise via domain-specific knowledge-graphs that manifest as Semantic Webs offering benefits to —

  • Marketing and Business Development — by optimizing alignment of products and services with target customer profiles
  • Human Resources Management — by reducing the cost and complexity of team building and skill requirement identification, as well as knowledge retention despite staff turnover
  • Core Operations — by simplifying the quest for 360-degree views of key performance indicators through enhanced data flow injected into applications associated with predictive analytics

How Does Virtuoso Handle Linked Data?

Once a document is in place at some location on a network, it simply needs to be loaded into Virtuoso using any combination of manual and/or automatic load routines.

With the data in Virtuoso, all other operations (insert, update, and delete) occur via query languages (such as SPARQL, SQL, or SPASQL [a hybrid of SQL+SPARQL]) dispatched using any combination of several protocols including —

It is important to note that data dictionaries (ontologies or vocabularies), data security (via attribute-based access controls [ABAC]), and state transitions are all handled as part of the act of documentation.

Here are the combined effects of Documentation informed by an Ontology, a SPARQL Query, and an HTML presentation that helps a human or smart agent understand the Benefits of Virtuoso:

  1. Benefits Ontology
  2. Virtuoso Benefits SPARQL Query Results Page
  3. Virtuoso Features and Benefits
  4. Market Leadership Discipline
  5. Market Leadership Discipline Optimization (MLDO)
  6. Digital Transformation


For end-users, developers, subject-matter experts, decision makers, and others — Virtuoso makes machine-friendly data more human-friendly.

For software applications and services — Virtuoso makes data more machine-friendly.

For the enterprise at large — Virtuoso bridges previously impassable gaps, and transforms friction and conflict into synergy.


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Kingsley Uyi Idehen

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OpenLink Virtuoso Weblog

News & Articles related to OpenLink Virtuoso & Related Technologies

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