Virtuoso Impact on Practical Business Challenges

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Here’s a simple illustration that depicts how the collective capabilities of Virtuoso empower its users.

What’s the Problem?

Today’s companies, large and small, have many disconnected and differently-structured (“heterogeneous”) data silos within the organization, with new silos being added regularly.

Such silos have always impeded enterprise agility, and that impedance is only increased by reliance on today’s typical data handling technologies in the face of ever-increasing data volume, velocity (volatility), variety (heterogeneity), and dispersion (storage locality).

What’s the Solution?

Conceptual virtualization of heterogeneous data sources via Linked Data.

As already demonstrated by the World Wide Web’s ubiquity and success, the Web is a deceptively simple virtualization tool that implicitly transcends silos (be they machine-, operating system-, RDBMS-, document-, or data-oriented).

Virtuoso enables you to create hyperlinks that identify entities, entity types, entity relationships, and entity relationship types, that collectively provide a conceptual Web over enterprise data sources. Naturally, these conceptual views are navigable (within and across enterprises) using the same patterns already popularized by the Web; i.e., you click whenever there’s a need to drill-down for additional information, and you simply share links with others as you serendipitously discover new information and knowledge.

What’s Unique about Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is a strong reflection of its creator, OpenLink Software, an acclaimed technology innovator and leading vendor of open standards compliant data access, integration, and management technology — over the past two decades.

Virtuoso provides a practical, productivity-oriented solution for:

  • Creating conceptual Webs of Linked Data across internal and external data sources — In today’s parlance, that would be a Big Data Variety-oriented Data Lake, enhanced with human- and machine-comprehensible entity relationship type semantics.
  • Exploring Read-Write interaction with the conceptual Webs it creates— You are no longer confined to Read-Only solutions that inevitably introduce inflexibility and inertia.
  • Delivering the functionality above without obliterating enterprise data security and privacy — Sophisticated resource access controls ensure your data is protected.


Data-related challenges are exploding exponentially, across many dimensions, but our ability to exploit and attain the critical data-driven agility expected of data oriented solutions remains questionable. In Virtuoso, we offer a product that’s fundamentally designed and implemented to deliver unrivaled levels of enterprise and individual agility — without compromising performance, interoperability, or security.


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