Take a look at your repository from a new perspective with Git Machete Plugin!

Mikołaj Kondratek
Nov 19 · 4 min read
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Creating and maintaining small, focused, easy-to-review PRs is a comfortable and desired approach for both the authors and, especially, the reviewers. We created a plugin that eases the management of two and more branches in the repository while also promoting the creation of small PRs — a git repository organizer and a rebase/merge/push/pull automation tool, named Git Machete.

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It allows for looking at the state of the repository from a previously unknown perspective. It puts the primary focus on branches (rather than commits), their relationship with each other and with the remote repository. It finds an outstanding application in maintaining linear Git history.

Git Machete Status Graph

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Git Machete Tab

The picture above presents the demo repository filter-service with a few branches.

It contains two root branchesdevelop and master. The first of them has two child branchesallow-ownership-link (with a child branch of its own — build-chain), and call-ws.

Each line contains a name of a branch, an optional custom annotation, and relation to the remote branch.

Without going into details, the green edge indicates the desired state — the tip of the child branch is a direct descendant of the parent branch tip (i.e. all commits reachable from the parent are also reachable from the child). On the other hand, the red edge tells us the opposite — the tip of the child branch is not a direct descendant of the parent branch tip.

In most cases, an edge becomes red after committing some changes to the parent branch (review fixes) or pulling new commits to the parent from a remote.

Machete File

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Machete file

The branches presented within the graph are defined in a simple configuration file (.git/machete), which can be easily opened from the plugin’s toolbar. It supports both syntax highlighting and completion of local branch names. The graph is automatically refreshed when .git/machete is modified.

Bear in mind that there is no need to edit the machete file manually to set up your branch layout tree. Feel free to use Discover Branch Layout functionality that will find it out for you automatically. It can be performed from Help -> Find Action… (default shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + A). Furthermore, the discovery happens in the case of a missing or empty machete file (although the discovered layout might require some manual changes).

Lights, Camera… Actions

Among the others, there is Rebase onto Parent (that performs interactive rebase of a given branch onto its parent), Push and Pull. Let’s have a look at the following example…

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Git Machete — Actions — Before

Branch allow-ownership-link is out of sync (red edge) to its parent — develop. Furthermore, it is ahead of its remote branch (origin/develop). With Git Machete we can quickly and conveniently lead it to the desired state.

First, Checkout and Rebase Branch Onto Parent. That will perform an interactive rebase from IntelliJ. Once the rebase is finished, the branch is in sync (green edge) with its parent.

VCS Log Rebase

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Rebase From VCS Log

Git Machete Rebase

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Rebase From Git Machete

Now all that’s left is to Push…. This action opens a (force) push dialog. After a successful push, the remote branch is up to date with its remote branch.

The final repository status is shown below.

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Git Machete — Actions — After

Try it now

For additional reference, see the project on GitHub.


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