Tier 1 Visa Interview Training — Can it Help?

Harvey Shulman
Jan 8 · 2 min read

Those applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa are almost certain to be interviewed. The interview, or some may call interrogation, can be in person face-to-face with an interviewer at your place of application or it could be an interview by video.

The questions can be searching and far ranging. But if you have a good understanding of what you may be asked then you have an opportunity to make sure you give the best account of yourself.

That’s why Visa Kings Global make a point of spending considerable time preparing you for what in effect is an examination. It is like any form of mentoring and with experienced help you are more confident, more assured, more likely to be successful.

The interviews usually last thirty to forty-five minutes but we have known an interview to last three hours. Many of the questions will relate to your business plan. They can be much more forensic than you may expect and sometimes you are allowed to bring the plan into the interview and sometimes not. So you need to be very familiar with your plan and the financial projections. We know what testing questions can be asked and it is often a good idea to address likely questions in the plan itself.

The questions can range way beyond the plan to discover if you are a genuine entrepreneur or not. Sometimes a question can trap you into giving an answer you did not intend. And if you should fail the interview all is not lost and there are still positive steps you can take to put matters right.

Because our team have built up such a wide experience in this area they can help you optimise the efforts you have made to present yourself in the best light and in that way have achieved an outstanding success rate. There is no magic formula, this is very person specific, finding out your style and level of English. Your application is not a form-filling process. Everything turns on the interview and your advisers must have a real understanding of where you may have weaknesses.

So always think more widely about your application and where the points are that you may struggle to deal with adequately. We can analyse the situation and stop you hitting the proverbial brick wall.

If you are considering applying for a UK Tier 1 visa, contact Visa Kings Global for the latest information and to find the best immigration route for your circumstances.

Visa Kings Global

Immigration and second citizenship advice for entrepreneurs and businesses

Harvey Shulman

Written by

Solicitor and global business innovation specialist.

Visa Kings Global

Immigration and second citizenship advice for entrepreneurs and businesses

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