UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa — Two Success Stories

Harvey Shulman
Jan 29 · 2 min read

We’ve had two recent successes.

One applicant getting his visa with a £50,000 investment backed by a Venture Capital company and the other succeeding with a £200,000 Investment. It’s interesting to reflect on what the two cases have in common.

Each case involved a tremendous amount of work. Some people still think you complete the application form, submit the necessary supporting documents, and it’s plain sailing. This is, of course, very far from the truth.

Both cases required input from a four person team. There were two lawyers and two non-lawyer business specialists who all had to provide considerable input. In addition there was the input in one case from the Venture Capital company.

The lawyers had to interview the clients, assist with the business plan development, and make sure the clients were fully prepared for their interviews. One client came from Nigeria and the other from Afghanistan. One set up his own business and the other invested in an existing business we were able to introduce from our extensive database of companies looking for funding. The careful assessment of each one based on personal interviews was undoubtedly crucial.

The non-lawyers played a key role in putting together and analysing the business plans. With new rules shortly to arrive this is going to become ever more important as well as making sure the applicant has all the necessary qualifications to demonstrate they are genuine entrepreneurs. In the two cases we had one person who was an MBA with hands on business experience and the other had many years of successful business development.

Coming to the U.K. each needed hands on support with all sorts of business and personal matters to make sure they were able to settle in with minimum stress. We were able to help with this.

All this effort does not guarantee success when you are at the end of the day relying on the exercise of a discretion. However, making sure the best case is made makes it more likely the discretion will be exercised in your favour.

Visa Kings Global present Tier 1 applicants with a range of business opportunities that both match the applicants’ skills and are suited to the Tier 1 requirements. Learn more about our range of UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur packages.

Visa Kings Global

Immigration and second citizenship advice for entrepreneurs and businesses

Harvey Shulman

Written by

Solicitor and global business innovation specialist.

Visa Kings Global

Immigration and second citizenship advice for entrepreneurs and businesses

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