Introducing The First All-in-One VR Streaming Service

To say that we’ve learned a lot during these five months of closed beta would be a huge understatement. Just a few weeks ago, we announced a breakthrough in our technology that allowed up to 12K streaming over Wifi and LTE. Today, we are proud to announce the open beta of our flagship product, Visbit, The First All-in-One VR Streaming Service.

Thanks to feedback from our closed beta users and initial testing, we’ve made a number of tweaks and additions to make our all-in-one streaming service more robust and available for broader adoption. With this product, we hope to help cut development time and costs so that content creators and producers can focus more on creating immersive experiences. Features include:

  • Up to 6K stereoscopic support for 360º videos
  • Advanced BI analytics, including video heatmaps
  • VR Player SDK with multiple VR platform support (including Gear VR and Cardboard)
  • Visbit’s View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology for streaming 4K+ videos over Wi-Fi and LTE
  • Visbit’s Adaptive Bitrate (VABR) for buffering-free videos with quick startup times

For more details and to request access for the open beta, check out our newly re-designed website.

Even More Break Throughs: VR Live Streaming

In addition to supporting 12K and our all-in-one VR streaming service, our VVOS technology can now also support 360º Live Streaming. The same technology that allows ultra high resolution VR videos to be streamed over WiFi and LTE can now be used to the same effect for live streaming, making it the first foveated streaming solution that can transcode quickly enough to support live streaming. The project, however, is still in its infancy, but we have opened up applications for our pilot program. Those interested can fill out the application here.

What More Can We Look Forward To?

Here are Visbit, we continue to push the limits of what is possible in our technology, and are looking forward to integrating these breakthroughs into our services in the near future. Our hope is that one day, content will be so clear and close to perfect human vision that users will feel like they’ve truly teleported to another place.

For those who are interested in learning more, you can download our demos or try them in person at VRLA (April 14–15 at the LA Convention Center) and NAB Las Vegas (April 24–27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center).

We look forward to sharing more breakthroughs for a clearer VR future with you.

The Visbit Team

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