50 Video Conferencing Statistics: 2020

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6 min readMay 14, 2020


At whatever point I ask remote team pioneers about the tech stack they use to keep their team associated and functioning admirably together, the principal applications they talk about first is, perpetually, their video conferencing stage.

Nowadays the workplace has changed a lot with companies having offices around the globe, remote employees, and work-from-home policies. Being able to hold remote work is just one of the many freedoms that have come with technological advancement.

As technology advances, so does the way that we communicate, connect, and work. With the rise in work-from-home during the pandemic, businesses are transiting online, and it’s no surprise that video conferencing has become an integral part of our working lives. More companies, as well as individuals, are using video conferencing to enhance productivity, connect to others, allow for remote working, and more.

The video conferencing industry valuation is substantial and expected to increase in the foreseeable future. To support this statement here are some of the statistics below on video conferencing:

1. 96% of respondents agree or strongly agree that video conferencing is effective for improving the connectedness of remote team members. [Owl Labs]

2. 70 percent of professionals work remotely — a phenomenon known as telecommuting — at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. [IWG]

3. 94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity. [Slideshare]

4. 90% of respondents say video makes it easier to get their point across [Lifesize]

5. 89% of respondents agree that video conferencing reduces the time to complete projects or tasks [Lifesize]

6. 89% of users say video conferencing helps them feel connected [Lifesize]

7. 87% more people choose to use video conferencing today than the past 2 years [Slideshare]

8. 87% of employees not physically present for a meeting report feeling better engaged with colleagues through video [Lifesize]

9. 82% of video users are less likely to multitask (as compared to just audio) [Lifesize]

10. 76% of individuals use video collaboration to work remotely, and 75% of those experienced increased productivity and an enhanced work-life balance [Lifesize]

11. Video conferencing performs 30% better than audio-only setups for communication. [Owl Labs]

12. Adding video to meetings improves productivity by up to 50% [Lifesize]

13. 43% of users said that video communication helps teams to be more productive despite being in different locations [Lifesize]

14. 89% of companies are still using multiple video conferencing platforms. [Owl Labs]

15. 66% of candidates prefer to use video conferencing as part of the recruitment process. [PGI]

16. 54 percent of employees regularly participate in video conferences. [WestUC]

17. 70 percent use free tools like Skype or FaceTime for video conferences. [WestUC]

18. 41% of users believe that companies that use video conferencing have more engaged employees [Lifesize]

19. 38% of users said that video communications allow them to collaborate and share documents more easily and in real-time [Lifesize]

20. 38% of users believe that employees who heavily use video communication are more productive [Lifesize]

21. 12% said they feel as comfortable on video calls as they do on audio.[Loopup]

22. 75% of CEOs forecast that video conferencing will eventually replace conference calls. [PGI]

23. 54% of the US workforce frequently take part in video conferences. [WestUC]

24. 58% of businesses utilize video conferencing for their everyday operations. [Frost and Sullivan]

25. 35% of respondents reported using video to feel more valued and included in company culture [Lifesize]

26. 31% of users said that video communication helps to connect them with customers, clients or partners more easily [Lifesize]

27. With video conferencing, businesses can cut travel costs by 30%, while 92% of B2B marketers use these tools in their core marketing tasks. [PGI]

28. 66% of executives view mobile video and real-time data-sharing as crucial parts of their day-to-day communication. [Frost and Sullivan]

29. 56% of CFOs worldwide plan to invest in video conferencing systems to lessen the need to travel. [PGI]

30. 77.2% of business users are looking to support meetings with remote employees, while 75.7% have multiple offices. [Transparency Market Research]

31. 25% of respondents use video to hold more productive meetings [Lifesize]

32. 22% of respondents use video to record and share meeting recaps more effectively [Lifesize]

33. 83% of large enterprises and 27.6% of small businesses are most likely to purchase video collaboration applications for their operations. [commercial integrator]

34. 33% of users said that video communication has decreased their work-related travels [Lifesize]

35. 30% average travel cost savings for businesses that use video conferencing [Krisp.ai]

36. 16% of global companies are remote: empowering stay at home employees to video conference [Krisp.ai]

37. Companies that offer remote work are 25% less likely to see employee turnover [Krisp.ai]

38. Video communication isn’t limited to specific hardware or equipment, which means productivity isn’t limited either [Lifesize]

  • 77% of all respondents join video calls from a laptop or desktop computer
  • 34% of all respondents join video calls from dedicated conference room equipment
  • 31% of all respondents join video calls from a mobile phone
  • 13% of all respondents join video calls from a tablet

39. Video communication is an integral part of day-to-day business [Lifesize]

  • 80% of users said they use video communication at work for 1:1 meetings
  • 78% of users said they use video communication at work for team meetings or stand-up meetings
  • 77% of users said they use video communication at work for large group meetings or company town halls
  • 62% of users said they use video communication at work for meetings with customers or partners

40. By 2023, the video conferencing market share is projected to expand further to reach $13.82 billion. [ReportBuyer]

41. The following year, the web conferencing software market size will go beyond $20 billion by 2024. [GMInsights]

42. From 2017 to 2022, both worldwide IP video traffic and internet video traffic are expected to increase 4X. [Cisco]

43. Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Cisco Webex are the most used amongst growing companies, yet Slack customers experience the fastest meeting setup times. [Owl Labs]

44. Zoom and Slack earn the highest customer satisfaction ratings on G2 Crowd for video conferencing. [Owl Labs]

45. United States businesses have more than 11 million video conferencing meetings a day. [Skillscouter]

46. The growth rate of video conferencing is going to be substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with 2020 seeing an unprecedented amount of video conferencing usage than ever before. [Skillscouter]

47. The video conferencing platform Zoom has seen 200 million daily meeting participants on average at the beginning of 2020, which is compared to the average of 10 million participants in December 2019. [Skillscouter]

48. 75% of CEOs predict that video conferencing will replace regular conference calls. [Skillscouter]

49. 22% of respondents use video to record and share meeting recaps more effectively [Lifesize]

50. Businesses can save anywhere from 60 to 75% in annual costs by moving from an on-premises deployment to a cloud video conferencing service [Lifesize]

The future of business meetings appears to be promising, as holding virtual reality sessions continue to achieve robust, almost real-life experiences among participants.

While there are many great tools to make your meetings run smoothly like Zoom, Skype, and BlueJeans, etc.

There are also recent developments in the virtual meeting space like a Meeting Assistant which not just takes meeting notes on your behalf, but also summarizes, transcribes, and creates a highlight of your meeting so that you don’t miss a conversation.

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