Teligent Inc ($TLGT)

I see rather interesting TA picture on $TLGT price chart. Main uptrend reverses from correction and seems to be continuing now.

=> Look for buying opportunities as shown on the chart.

Let’s have a brief look at $TLGT fundamentals.

1. Du Pont model is shown in the table below

Du Pont model

Du Pont analysis shows the following:

  • there are local problems with net profit, and profit in general. P/L margins are lower, than in the industry, but good news is that 2Q-2016 became the first profitable quarter since 2012
  • company has high level debt, which is commongly long-term,
  • company is liquid due to low short-term liabilities

2. Growth rates are very high and optimistic-looking (see the table below).

Growth rates

3. No dividends are available for investors (see the table below).

Not critical, but, at the same time, is also not attractive feature of $TLGT.

4. Valuation info (see the table below).


The table with multiplies tells me, that company is not overvalued. BTW, the target price of $TLGT in Reuters (median) is 9.75 (+15.5% to the market).

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