WFAD #28


These trading ideas were generated by #crowd DreamTeam Investments platform based on principles of #Prediction_Markets. Also, they were approved by Dorofeev Mikhail, head of the analytical department at DTI, PhD, associated professor of finance and prices department in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


Index | Russia

The first trading idea was buying Russian stock market via MICEX Index ($MICEXINDEXCF) (see pic. 1).

Pic. 1. MICEX Index. $MICEXINDEXCF. Weekly. (Forecast)

The result is shown on the pic. 2

Pic. 2. MICEX Index. $MICEXINDEXCF. Weekly. (Results)

This is the case, when technical analysis was used in mid-term period. To tell the truth, when we produced this scenario, it looked very optimistic. 
So mush optimistic, that it was difficult to believe in it, because we live in Russia and we can see from inside what real positive progress we have in our economy. Nonetheless, market doesn’t care about our guesses and sometimes ignores fundamental indicators in mid-term trends.

Profit from this recommendation = appr. +17.36% in 160 days (+39.06% annually).

The lesson is =>

  1. You believe that some market asset will move in a particular direction. Forget it forever. Market doesn’t care!


Humana Inc. $HUM [NYSE] 
Healthcare | Health Care Plans | USA

The second recommendation was buying stocks of Humana Inc. $HUM (see pic. 3).

Pic. 3. Humana Inc. $HUM. Daily. (Forecast)

The result is shown on the pic 4.

Pic. 4. Humana Inc. $HUM. Daily. (Results)

We bought a standard double bottom pattern after long senior correction + first impulsive wave. It’s a perfect buy setup.

Few days before this trade, our view concerning market local trend, was bearish. We expected, that after the president election in the USA market will go into short-term correction. When news agencies published that Trump won, we expected that our short positions will make the main profit for our stock portfolio. Moreover we thought that $HUM will plummet down and we would have to fix loss from this trade. But $HUM did not do that!🙂

Now we can say that target price for this trading idea was calculated perfectly. Right after reaching target price 216.10 $HUM reversed down into correction. Stop-loss was set under the local minimum and even despite deep local correction stop order remained in safety. 
We think, that $HUM still has an upside potential.

Profit from this recommendation = appr. +24.62% in 36 days (+246.2% annually).

The lesson is =>

Sometimes technical analysis techniques work perfectly. 
Even better, than our expectations. And if it is so, just use it! 😉

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