Why Everyone Hates Cyclists

Realistic Group Conflict Theory and the Plight of Cyclists

Four cyclists, in neon and bundled against the cold, wait to continue across an intersection. We see them through the front windshield of a bus, which waits behind them. There are no markings on the road.
Photo by Nadia Williams
A double-decker bus drives past a row of mews, with a red-painted bike lane in the foreground.
Photo by Michal Pokorný on Unsplash
Through the windshield of a bus, we see three lanes of traffic on a rural highway, with a neon-shirted cyclist riding on the shoulder.
Photo by Nadia Williams



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Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives is your advocate for walking, bicycling, and public transit in New York City. We stand up for #VisionZero & #BikeNYC.