Author Annette Bentley Smith Creates Stories To Inspire Children

Author Annette Bentley Smith

Annette Bentley Smith is a Georgia-born children’s book author of fictitious, realistic books for children ages 0–12. She’s the wife of a jack of all trades, the mother of two young adults, and the grandmother of a beautiful and bright nine-year-old little girl. Her grand doll Melody Rayne is now her latest and greatest inspiration for her stories. In the mix of learning about how to be a writer and getting published, she experimented with various occupations: Cashier, Massage Therapist, File Clerk, Computer Operator, and working from home as a Virtual Sale Agent… But her favorite thing to do now is the one she’s doing writing for children.

She does her best writing in her home when there is total silence. However, when she is out and about and her surroundings give her an idea for a story, no matter what paper is around, she quickly jots it down. She completed a book called “Nyrah’s Bully” (Publisher- AnneCorp Literary Works) which is one of ten while sitting in a doctor’s office for two hours. Yes, she still writes her stories on paper, before typing them up. She feels closer to her stories that way. Annette loves writing her stories in a way that will educate, entertain and give children a temporary escape into a think outside of the box adventure.

Her mission is for her stories to be your children’s favorite books to pick up and read. Annette’s books are aligned around a city-to-city strategy called “Get Hooked on Mrs. Annie’s Books” which centers on an exceptional reading experience. She is committed to continuously enhancing your child/children’s experience. She wants her stories to inspire your children to become creative and allow their imaginations to run as far it will take them.

She took a writing course with The Institute of Children’s Literature, but she feels her best qualifications come from her readership as a child in elementary school, and raising two boys. Watching their growths and incidents, gave her many ideas for stories. Also, she began caring for other children at the age of fourteen and still cares for other children now. Her books have received starred reviews on Amazon and social media sites. Authors such as J. Hale Turner and Maxine Billings, regard her as “an amazing writer.”

How has being an author made an impact on you personally?

Knowing I can help a child and their parents through my words has had a huge impact on me personally. When a child cried after reading my children’s divorce book, I knew I had to keep writing. It impacted me, that I had an impact on him.

What was your experience like with The Institute of Children’s Literature?

I had written a few stories before attending The Institute of Children’s Literature. I was able to submit a few of them as projects. One of the stories called “ What Color am I?” was submitted and the teacher loved it. That book was my baby! She shared her experience with me about her daughter being asked what color she was. Her daughter was bi-racial. She could see her daughter’s experience through my story. Also, my experience with the school solidified the fact that I could be a great writer.

How does it feel to have starred reviews on Amazon?

It’s a magnificent feeling to have starred reviews! To read the comments that my stories are “warm, inviting, speaks to the heart, adorable, refreshing, diverse, realistic, wholesome, enjoyable, emotional, thought-provoking, well written, enlightening, whimsical, loveable, and delightful” is truly humbling.

Please tell us about AnneCorp Literary Works which your book “Nyrah’s Bully” is published through?

AnneCorp Literary Works is me. I came up with this title since I am a self-publisher.

Why do you think it’s important for children to read the book?

Although there are many bullying books to be read, you can never read too many. Each writer has their own way and style of writing. Nyrah’s Bully is more realistic, educational, and touching. A child would truly benefit from reading a book that is based on a true story. They will learn about bullying and how not to become one. They will also learn whether they are a bully or not.

What other projects are you currently involved with?

Recently my grand doll and I were in Target looking for a “Baby Alive” doll. We saw one that was Caucasian and one brownish to dark tone. Nothing that fit her skin tone. She chose one doll, I chose another. doll. I wasn’t buying two. I shared this dilemma with a friend of mine, and she went online and found the perfect “Baby Alive” doll that fits both worlds! Again, another skin tone situation. Weeks later I was out and about with my husband and brother and a title suddenly popped in my head. “Two Colors of Me!” I am currently building a story around this title due to the doll situation.

I am also working on a patent-pending toy koala bear named ‘Kobe’, that will be able to record stories, songs, or special messages, so kids can also enjoy a bedtime story, told by their favorite cuddle toy, using a real voice, when Mom and Dad need a break. This will be a wonderful way to connect with a child at bedtime-even if the parent isn’t there. After that, I will be bringing another new approach to bedtime stories and give a new generation of children (and parents) the gift of something exciting. I plan to do this by printing my self-published books onto bedsheets; turning children’s beds into one big book! This too is patent pending.

Finally, I had masks made for one of two of my most recently released books that were poetically written to get children to wear masks, and I made stuffed monkeys that wear a mask and braces to help children smile who also wear braces. The monkey will be bundled with my second newest released book! I hope to approach orthodontists around the world and have the monkey as their office mascot!

What would you like to say to your supporters?

To all my supporters, thanks will never be enough. Without you, there wouldn’t be “AnneCorp Literary Works,” twelve self-published books with more to come, and the nomination of “Children’s book Author of the Year!” You’ve helped me keep my dream alive to become a children’s book author. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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