Behind The Lens With Moses Brown

Atlanta-based photographer Moses Brown understands that photography isn’t about boundaries and should never limit you. Moses also understands that experience matters! The creative experience that he’s obtained through photography provides a unique and highly in-demand experience for his clients. Moses documents key life moments in a professional manner making each person he works with feel so comfortable as if he’s been there through their entire life journey.

Notable celebs and influencers Moses has worked with include Queen of the Dancehall Spice, Media Mogul Yandy Smith-Harris, and Q Parker from R&B Grammy Award Winning group 112 to name a few.

Moses says, “I’m an authentic photographer who found my passion by a challenge. I entered college as a graphic design major and was challenged by my professor to choose a different medium for my work. Initially, I told him I would use charcoal, he told me “ No, something unexpected… try photography.” Stunned, but up for the challenge I picked up a camera and began photographing. I fell in love with the art form.”

Please tell us about yourself?

Moses: I'm a 35-year-old husband and father of 3. I’ve been working hard on staying creative and trying to create beautiful works of art during these new covid times. Making art has actually helped me through this very stagnant time, it gave me something to focus on

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Moses: I had a college professor that made me pick up my first camera so he is definitely one of the major reasons I started shooting but I fell in love with it on that first assignment and have never looked back.

For people who are new to taking photos or maybe shy, what words of wisdom would you tell them to be comfortable during their photoshoots?

Moses: Bring your favorite music so you can control your vibe bring a hype person to get you hype before you walk out the dressing room

What is your process of providing the best experience when you are on set in photography mode?

Moses: I try to curate a vibe based on the info of the client.

How has the Atlanta photography scene been like for you?

Moses: It was definitely diffcult to brake into because it’s a very saturated market but once I got my foot in the door I never let it close again.

What have been some of your favorite 2021 projects?

Moses: I’ve done some really cool celebrity shoots and events, but my favorite was a shoot that I made the client into a framed picture.

What are you currently working on?

Moses: I'm currently working on pulling a driftwood beach project together will be one of the big projects for the year.

What advice would you have for aspiring photographers?

Moses: Be your authentic self, learn your camera, and have fun doing it.

Keep up to date with Moses Brown on Social Media @capturedbymoses and be sure to visit

Photo Credit: Jakeem Smith of Lifestyle Images ATL, and Jay Productions Agency.



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