Being That Girl with Natasha Lee

Being That Girl Founder and Owner Natasha Lee (Provided Photo)

When you think of Natasha Lee three words will come to mind.

Popping! Professional, and Phenomenal!

Natasha is a Walker’s Legacy Ambassador & OnMogul Influencer. She’s made a mark in her industry by partnering with companies such as Wix, Arise, and Google.

Her work has been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and more.

Other notable mentions include being Ranked LinkedIn Profinder’s top graphic design company in Detroit for three consecutive years 2017–2019, 2019 Corps Magazine Diversity, Inclusion Awardee, and 2020 Seen Magazine Business Changemaker Honoree.

Natasha Lee has been recognized as one of the most Powerful 25 businesswomen of Detroit by Walkers Legacy & Senator Gary Peters.

Through MYDCT (Make Your Dreams Come True) which Natasha is the owner and Founder, alongside her dynamic team she has aided thousands of people globally with a range of services including call center and tech support services, business development, website, and graphic design, marketing, curriculum development, and trade services and so much more.

If this isn’t enough, just 3 years ago Natasha launched a Women Empowerment Agency Being That Girl coined after her late mother’s alter ego ‘That Girl’.

After the passing of her mother, she wanted to create a legacy and do something she’s always done, support other women.

Natasha Lee ( Provided Photo)


Please tell us about the Be That Girl movement?

Natasha Lee:

Our goal is to support the success of women from youth to adulthood while empowering them through fashion, media outlets, education, and business.


You have made lots of people’s dreams come true.

In what ways have you done so?

Natasha Lee:

I’ve done so many services and initiatives. Those things have included creating educational programs, and curriculums leading to provide trade skills, and direct work from home job opportunities.

Outside of helping business dreams come true, MYDCT also prides itself on community initiatives and involvement.

From helping my community learn the truth about the bible to helping them become self-sufficient and/or love themselves to freely sharing knowledge, love, and resources.

I believe depending on the day, some will express gratitude for various reasons.

But in reference to circular and business, it’s their vision, I bring it to life.


What are you currently working on?

Natasha Lee:

Noooo not this question lol. Currently, I’m working on launching my son’s companies.

What good am I if I don’t teach my sons and daughter the way to walk both spiritually and financially?

My oldest son Rashard, 21 has developed video games on the Roblox platform since he was in the 7th grade. He’s worked freelancing since then, last year his business became official.

Nathan ‘That Guy’, 19 graduated high school last year who launched a compliment to the Being That Girl Brand, That Guy.

Lastly, my daughter Tia, 13 who is the Junior Ambassador President of That Girl is evolving in her role.

I’m currently working on helping my children make their dreams come true.

This will be the first year that I take my children on as full-time clients.

In addition to focusing on my cubbies, I’m working on several huge projects this year.

My company was awarded lead Project Manager for an app Cupid Jobs, I’m currently working to hire 200 workers from home call center positions.

Agents can work anywhere in the world, preferably in the USA and UK. These are just a few things, I’m working on at the top of the year.


What else can we be on the lookout for from you in 2021?

Natasha Lee:

In March 2021, I am launching a small business project for 100 aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their business from idea to conception, to revenue in just 6 months.

We are concentrating on small businesses, nonprofits, music entertainment, and the expansion of the Being That Girl Brand.


What valuable lessons from 2020 have you taken into this new year?

Natasha Lee:

Never sit at a table with people who don’t speak the same language.

That’s love language, business language, community language, investment language, and respect language.

I learned that everybody can’t come and/or should never be invited!


What do you enjoy most about all the work that you do?

Natasha Lee:

The way it makes other people feel.

I love seeing the joy on the faces of others when they accomplish their dreams and goals.


What is most important to you in your personal life?

Natasha Lee:

Jehovah, Jesus, Children, my family and friends, and simply being peaceful and happy.


What advice would you have for anyone who wants to follow your career path?

Natasha Lee:

NEVER believe small-minded people, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Be diligent, hard-working, consistent, and persistent in their efforts to be their best self.

The entrepreneur path isn’t easy but it is worth it!

It’s worth every moment if you remember to always find a balance between personal values and earning revenue!

You can reach out to Natasha Lee by visiting her website and connecting on Instagram.



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